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Caramel Corn is good. The sweet stickiness and crunch as you take bite after bite as your taste buds ride off into sensory bliss. This cannot be experienced with caramel corn from a plastic bag or one of those cheap popcorn tins you find in abundance during the holiday season. No, I'm talking about fresh made caramel corn that gets mixed up in a big bowl, laid out on a big board and then wacked with a hammer to break it apart. Yeah, that kind, the good stuff.

Recently I had some of that good fresh, hand made kind from the best candy store in town: Goodys. My wife and myself went in and got some flavored sodas and I craved some of there good caramel corn. I purchased a small bag, which is more than enough unless you need a real caramel corn junkie fix. I ate about half of the caramel corn, while we drank our sodas and talked. I packed the rest home for later consumption.

That evening we had a few movies on DVD we picked up from the library. I sure love how libraries do that now. Free movies with late fees of 10 cents. Sure, Blockbuster has no late fees, but you also don't have to pay nearly $4 to rent a DVD. The only downside is you never know exactly what we be available to check out, so you can't go in with a burning desire to watch something particular. One of the movies I picked was Planet of the Apes, which is Charlton Heston at his best. Okay, maybe not his best, but it's fun to watch.

About an hour into the movie, I decided to have some more caramel corn, to finish off the rest of the tasty treat. I worked my way through the bag, grabbing large chunks and slowly chewing the sweet popcorn. As I got close to the bottom of the bag, I bit into something hard. I didn't hurt myself or anything, but I knew it wasn't a popcorn seed. Was it a filling that fell out? A tooth? I wasn't sure, so I reached in a pulled out a steel bolt. It was sweet, but I didn't want to keep eating anymore.

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