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burning issues

I'm sure this is the burning issue of the day: Which fast food chain do methamphetamine dealers prefer? Looks like we finally have the answer. Is that a bad sign if I like a Whopper more than a Big Mac?

I was reading in the Wall Street Journal the other day about podcasting for dummies. I wonder if there's a coincidence that it's 'podcasting for dummies' and they feature Rush Limbaugh. Hmmmmmm.

While the update to iTunes seemed to gather most of press, Apple also added color screens to the standard iPod. I think I could cringe if I had just purchased one recently with the old monochrome screen. Daring Fireball has a nice article about the move and how Apple really understands how to sell these things.

Finally, IDEA Design Awards. Neat stuff. You know you're a design geek when you want a hacksaw.

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