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Before I get into the annual Fourth of July Pet Parade comments, I've got to rant on my body. Sure everyone has bumps and bruises and ailments, but what I hate is when something is hurt and no matter what you do it doesn't heal, but the second you call to make a doctor appointment, or go see the doctor, you feel better. Recently my elbow was suffering a bit of bursitis for weeks, for bloody weeks. I tried to heal it with ice, compression and rest (well as best I could). Nothing got better, until the day I decided to call my doctor and ask about having it drained. Just like a small child who misbehaves until you say ,'there's no more warnings!'.

Okay, okay, back to the Fourth Of July celebration extravaganza. I did the annual monkey in the wagon performance in the pet parade. For years I've thought about trying to integrate any audio performance into the visual aspect of the tiny wagon and the monkey. This year I tried to pull it off. I had a hard time locating my set of Sony portable battery powered speakers, but I realized with my small MP3 player, this might make it possible. The wagon was small enough that it could only hold one of the two speakers, so I went that route. It worked, but it might have worked better if I had the volume turned up higher than half. Geez. Oh well, like a Cubs fan always say, 'there's always next year'. The oddest thing was this lady at the end of the parade, looked at me and my monkey wagon and said ,'hey! that's cheating'. What? Huh? Did that make any sense? I guess overall it was fun and a lot of people gave great comments, so I'm sorry for just focusing on the negatives.

Fireworks, watermelon and beer. What else can I say?

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shannon said:

i didn't see you there! i was there with charlie :)

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