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It's A Dangerous World Out There


dangerous world

Yesterday was another one of those brushes with death that freaks you out. I was at an intersection waiting for a green light. I was going straight and on my left was a SUV waiting to turn left. We got the green light, but I usually like to play it safe and wait for the person turning left to go, especially when I can't see. They hesitated, so I did the same. Then I started to inch forward. Just then, some bastard flew through a red light. If I had hit the gas pedal when it turned green, I would have been smacked. There was a police car on the opposite side of the road, a few cars back. Obviously the officer didn't see enough, but I sure felt like stopping next to the car and asking if I needed to be killed in order for the jerk who ran the light to get a ticket. Oh well, maybe they crashed into a telephone pole down the road.

In other breaking news: Payton, Cassell and Caffey hit on male erotic dancer. Oh wait, that's NBA players Gary Payton, Sam Cassell and Jason Caffey beat up a male erotic dancer and now his dancing career is over.

But that's not all in the sports world. Texas Rangers pitcher Kenny Rodgers finally apologized for his tirade against two TV cameramen that left one of them in the hospital. Maybe the camera man said Rodgers was hot on film. Had to be something.

Speaking of hot, it's about time for Paris Hilton to pop up again and do something...err... dumb. Here's the Paris Hilton press release for GoYellow. I think Paris is seeing that she can be used to sell just about anything. Preparation H is coming I tell you and it will be hot.

And for the truly sad news, a 15-year old teenager was killed over his iPod. I guess it makes sense, like in the 1990's when people were killed over Air Jordan basketball shoes, but no matter how you look at it, it's scary. Steve Jobs offered his condolences to the family. I guess if you live in a dangerous area (what's that really these days?) maybe it's better to keep it in your pocket and use some different headphones.

So in closing the word is drivers are dangerous, athletes are dangerous, iPods are dangerous and Paris Hilton is hot.

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Pauly D said:

I hate Paris Hilton and the Germans. So, this commercial I will not see.

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