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speed of light

It's Friday, which is a good thing. Having the Cascade Cycling Classic in Bend makes it even better. Tonight is the Twilight Criterium which is always a crowd pleaser. You always feel guilty watching for a crash, but the suicide corners, as I like to call them, are where the largest crowds always gather. I always am in awe at these riders who average speeds in the high 20 mile-per-hour range. This isn't a race on a hill, so damn, those riders have endurance. Of course that's nothing compared to Lance Armstrong.

In non-cycling news...Who would you trust: Alfred E. Newman versus George Bush.

Apple wants you to win by using the iTunes Music Store. Okay, actually they just want to make money, and lots of it.

Mark Cuban rips podcasting and who can really argue with him? He makes some good points and has some serious cash that stands behind him. Why is it when you have a lot of money your opinion counts more?

Well, in a few hours it will be race time and that's a good thing.

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