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Pit Bulls Are Murderers


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Our neighbors deceased dog, Jasper, was on the front page of The Bulletin today. On July 1st, this very friendly miniature dachshund was taken for a walk and was viscously attacked by two pit bulls. The man walking Jasper was also attacked. This is a common theme with these dogs, which some people declare are safe and others insist are not.

Jasper wasn't just a scruffy mutt the family had for a pet either. He was from a breeder and cost the family around $600 and they were planning to breed him as well. From the story you can see that after Jasper was attacked he was taken to the vet, which ended up not helping, but did rack up $2,000 worth of fees.

As of right now the pit bulls might not be put to sleep, but it makes no sense since they did attack a human and killed another dog. The law doesn't seem to rule them dangerous if they attack other animals, but if a pit bull attacked your pet and killed it, I think you might want revenge, plus some financial compensation. It will be interesting to see how the court case comes out.

UPDATE: Dog Owner Pleads Guilty.

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Ghost Dog said:

Please...blame the irresponsible owner, not the breed. Any dog who feels threatened could attack other dogs, or people. In this case, I don't know if the owner is truly at fault, if we're to believe what he says (but come on, Solesbee - if you keep them kenneled, how did they get out?).

Also, the dogs in the article were Staffordshire Terriers, which are not the same thing as an American Pit Bull Terrier. That's irresponsible journalism on the part of The Bulletin to say they are. The media and the ignorant are constantly propagating the Evil Murderous Pit Bull image, and it's annoying as well as inaccurate. I wonder how many other attacks were attributed to Pit Bulls that were actually AmStaffs or some other breed.

Sure, Pits have naturally aggressive tendencies, but if properly trained and socialized, they are great dogs.
My Pit Bull [ ] isn't a murderer. Neither are thousands (or more) of other well-trained, well-socialized Pit Bulls.

The two Staffordshire Terriers you're talking about certainly were, and I most certainly don't condone their actions. I am, however, more outraged at the owner (or whoever let those dogs out).

I feel sorry for your neighbor, and I believe the owner of the Staffordshires should pay damages on top of the Vet bill, because he's ultimately responsible for the actions of his pets.

monekyinabox said:

Ghost Dog, your answer is almost along the line as 'Guns don't kill people, people kill people'. Sure some pit bulls are not murders, and that goes along the line as most gun owners are responsible and lock their guns up. Sure if a gun owner leaves a loaded gun out in the open, it totally depends on someone else picking it up to cause a shooting. The dangerous dogs, in this case (pit bull or not), were left out, and they went off on their own.

Sure it might be your right to own a dangerous weapon or animal, but don't expect everyone to agree. I'd love to mount a machine gun on my car to teach those other jerkoff drivers to watch out or else, but let's see that fly in the public eye.

Ghost Dog said:

I think you missed my point. And your argument is so puzzling that I'm having a hard time coming up with a response.

Everyone is in such a rush to blame the *breed*. People get all up in arms when these things happen and start pushing for mindless legislation to ban certain types of dogs that people perceive to be "dangerous", when they should be pushing to do something about the *owners*.

Cripes, any animal with claws, teeth, and a bad attitude is dangerous. Where does it stop? The *owner*. Every 10 years or so there is a new "bad" breed. In the '70s and '80s it was the Doberman,' 90s the Rottiweilers, '00s it's the Pit Bull. Who's next? It could be any powerful breed. Ever been knocked over or stepped on by a Great Dane?

monekyinabox said:

Of course blame the owner. I'm just saying, what's the point of having a pet that's so dangerous if it's not always locked up? I guess it depends on the training and how the dog is treated, but my point is why mess with something that can so easily go wrong?

Meg said:

Those dogs are a nuisance, and should be banned, or at the very least, highly regulated. If Pit Bull owners were more responsible, I'd say fine, own 'em, but it seems that every time I open the paper, there's yet another pit bull attack. I don't hear about too many Golden Retriever, Poodle or Chihuahua attacks. And I fail to see how one can equate Pit Bulls with gun ownership. Citizens in California are not allowed to have ferrets, for Pete's sake. We, as a society, can decide what animals are appropriate for pets, or in this case, not.

monkeyinabox said:

Meg- Why no ferrets? I got to babysit a pair and they were pretty neat, but they were stinky as hell, because they didn't have their musk glands fixed.

Looks like the pit bull story made News Channel 21 tonight. The trial was supposed to happen today, but got pushed back until next week.

Meg said:

I don't mind ferrets, I was just making the point that it is not unheard of for society to decide that certain animals are not appropriate for household pets. I certainly prefer ferrets to Pit Bulls.

Ghost Dog said:

I would go along with regulating the ownership of dogs that are perceived to be "dangerous". But banning a breed because of irresponsible owners is stupid. You don't see people banning automobiles, but I wager there are more irresponsible drivers than there are irresponsible Pit Bull owners.

I don't get the gun ownership comparison, either. Apples and...well, things that aren't even fruit.

You don't hear about the attacks by other dogs because it's not sensational news. Believe it or not, there have been plenty of attacks that were attributed to Pit Bulls that were Boxers, various breeds of Mastiff, Rottweilers, or even German Shepherds (What?! How do you make that mistake?).

You know what else you don't hear about? The heroism of Pit Bulls. Oh sure, some Collie or Lab goes and does something heroic and it's all over the news. But nobody hears about the Pit Bull that was hand-picked by NASA for a search and rescue mission, or the one who saved a 7-year-old boy from an attack by 2 Akitas, or the one who saved an 10-year-old girl from an intruder. Or the once-abused-and-left-for-dead Pit Bull that is one of the top drug-sniffing dogs for the US Customs Service.

Jinxy said:

Kill all the humans.

Then we wouldn't have this problem and my pit bull would have something to eat.

monkeyinabox said:

Ghost Dog -

Of course there will always be more people killed in automobile accidents than anything else, simply because of the innumerable amount of them. Pit Bulls are a rarity to most people. I don't know anyone who owns one or has one. I don't know exactly what it takes to own one either. I'm guessing that you could get one from a respectible breeder, or you could get one from the guy down at the junkyard.

Obviously the owner will dictate the majority of how the dogs are raised and trained, but breeds, like the pit bull, scare me. If someone has one and doesn't know what they are doing, then it's a danger to everyone else. The same goes with someone who doesn't have adequate training to drive a car. Is it more likely that a dangerous driver will get caught before someone gets hurt, than a dangerous pit bull? Hard to say.

And with pit bulls not being known by many people as helpful dogs, I'm sure the majority of people already have a bias against them. Sure they can do wonderful things, but is that what people usually focus on when there is a problem? Nope.

Aspen said:

You Monkey in a Box,

Why don't you first read a little more about this breed and get smarter before you write all this wrong information.

People like you should be caged, and so let the American Pit Bull Terriers run free.

They are all good dogs, like German Shepherd Dogs, Dobermen, Bully Breeds, they are all good, and what makes them violent and bad? Irresponsible people who own them to be "macho".

So my advise to you, is to educate yourself more about it and stop writing ignorance.

I aggree with Ghost Dog and Jinxy.

monkeyinabox said:


Why should I educate myself more about the breed? I don't plan on owning one. It's the irresponsible jerk who buys one and lets it become a dangerous weapon that worries me.

Sure, guns are dangerous weapons, but they usually don't shoot you on your own while you are walking down the street. Sure it might happen, but when A Pit Bull jumps out and attacks you, your child, or your pet, it must have some natural instincts, to attack and kill. I've never heard of killer poodles.

Lindsey_PIT-OWNER said:

You know what monkey in a fucking box. You have no right to post anything about pitbulls unless you have owned one. I have owned 20 pitbulls in my lifetime. None of my pit bulls have ever bittin anyone or anything. I now own a pitbull named Kia and she is protective over my 7 month old son. I read books on pitbulls all the time. In my newest book it states that pitbulls are the smartest dogs. They have unique facial expressions that may terrify some. These are brilliant and remarkable creatures, and whoever the hell has something to say about them, can go fuck themselves. Why would god have put pits on this earth if they were so fucking dangerous. The pitbull dates back to ancient greece where pits were their best friends, and never mean dogs. The way a pitbull is trained is the way they will be. My mother- in- law has 3 very vicious chiuahuas and they will attack whoever walks in the house, but yet again that is the way they were raised. My mom has a chiuahua who will cuddle up with anyone. Thats the way she was raised same as any other fucking dog. The way you raise them is the way they will be. So stick your head in a few pit bull books, and shut the fuck up until you know what the fuck you are talking about...Lindsey

Marilyn said:

You can not blame a whole breed for a few bad dogs, Thats like saying all people are murder's becuse of a few serial killers that have rampaged.

You have to blame the owners! There in NO bad dogs only bad owners, If anyone has takin time to read the history of the "pit bull" you will see that they are great family dogs.

Blame the back Yard Breeders who dont care what kind of temperment they get as long as they are stong, full of muscle, and block heads.

I own 2 pit bulls and they are a little dog aggressive, But they are properly kenneled when i am not home (no way of getting out). Even though they are dog aggressive, I own 4 other dogs as well (2 are Mini Dachshunds and they are great with the pits) I never worry about them hurting dogs or people, My dogs are great with people and kids, My nephews ride them can pull on there ears, They can do what ever they want to too my dogs and my pits are great with them.

So to all the pit bull haters, Who are you to say ban PIT BULLS. You must not have a heart at all. And for you to say it's the breed is the stupiedest thing I have ever heard of. It's all on the breeding, rasing and training, these dogs dont chose to be this way they are made this way by ignoret people.

What ever happened to its a free country? well banning any type of animal isnt keeping any thing free.


Marilyn said:

We as a soceity should not allow soceity to tell us what we can and can not own.

Lets see in Texas (as well as other states)you can own a Tiger, Lion or any other type of BIG cat, but yet you want to ban pit bulls, I am sorry I would rather be attacked by a pit than a fucking Tiger, wouldnt you?

I work with dogs, and you are more than likely to get bite by a small breed dog or even a golden retrever than a pit.

My Dachshund will attack anyone that comes into my house, My pits on the other hand will ataack with kiss's not Bites.

So would everyone get your facts straight.
Guns dont kill people, People kill people.
And Pit bulls arent aggressive untill people make them aggresive..

Grace said:

pitbulls arent that bad of a breed
you really have to train them well though or they will get out of hand
and they mite also attack other people or animals but its not always the dogs fault, always blam the person befor the animal because its not its fault!

lexkz said:

pit bulls are not vicious animals, it's just sometimes their bad behavior surfaces-up just like other dogs. all in dogs in general have a certain kind of bad behavior that we do not like to see, an adult beagle could kill a small puppy or a squirel if given a chance.

to all jerks and pea brain who doesn't even know about pit bulls because they don't want to be educated about the breed, well, all i can say is goodluck! many people die because of lack of knowledge! when luck runs out, knowledge comes in handy...

lexkz said:

pit bull are not murderers, cigarettes are! if you ban pit bulls, might as well ban the cigarettes, many people died of cancer rather than bitten by a pit bull. thats a fact!

Hailey said:

I have a Pit Bull and he is the biggest sweat heart ever. Anyone who says to ban pit bulls should pull their heads out of their butts and realize that ALL dogs can be mean; it's just how you train them. The reason you never hear about other dogs attacking people is because they don't look mean and they aren't super muscular like pit bulls and they would feel retarded saying that they were attacked by some sally looking dog!!!!

Mariana Dog Lover of ALL said:

I personaly have never owened a pit bull but i did find one on the street on my way home one day with my 7year old sister and i are very loving to any animal we see (especially me becuze she is small for her size and gets nervous around big dogs but still loves them)he was a golden pit bull looking mix.we say him trying to go into someones garage with a womans dog.he did not fight against the woman and just wimpered.but the woman kicked him out of her and my sister felt sad for the animal and started calling it over to us.we whistled and clicked and it came to us.he started following us and licking us.i did not allow him to get too close to my lil siter but to me yes.he was very sweet and very obedient.we walked over to my friends house and showed him the dog.a kind woman gave us a collar/leash to hold on to him so we could later take him home. we called him Cinnimon becuze of his beatiful cinimon colored fur.he was very playful and i fell in love.we walked hiim home later and put him in our backyard. he was so playful and i loved him for that. we kept him for only a weekend till we found his reall owners.i was very sad and started to cry along with my little sister. but we new that was his home and his real name was School Boy(weird name for a dog tho)he was such a sweetheart to me,A Stranger to him.i dont understand how such a loving breed such as that could be seen as a danger.i know that some Pits are mean but deep down it is only becuz they love the person that made them that way.i cyr every time i see the pain in they're eyes after they've been treated so terribley but aslo i cry because of how much kindness and love i also see.i also cry and KNOW that people may be more evolved in mind and body, but Pit Bulls are more evolved in Spirit,and Heart.I dont see how they can love someone so much after all the things they to do them. and i just wish that humans were'nt born as selfish as they are.please dont kill anymore dogs,Pit Bulls,ANYTHING i would rather take my life if it could save them all. i dont want any of them to suffer no more becuase it pains me so much.NO animal diserves to be treated like that even if they killed a whole country, because isnt that what we humans do? to each other? are brothers and sisters? but the animals are a gift from God that we have to love.NOT kill or hurt.i know that some people dont understand that but WHY cant they just understand?WHY?
PLEASE dont let that happen.....
PLEASE dont kill anymore........
With Love and Tears,
Mariana <3

Tom said:

There is a reason this arguement goes round and round everywhere the topic comes up. Owners of pit bulls love there dog like family and will defend them to the end. Victoms of violent pit bulls hate them and can not believe anyone could possibly feel the need to own one when there are so many more safer options. The arguement resembles a dog chasing its tail.
The truth is there are several breeds out there the general public could do without and the pit bull is right up there in rank. Yes a good owner/trainer can raise one well without issue but if the owner hickups (not literaly) on its training and misses any signs then you have an unsuspecting violent animal. This is when the problems arise. I have known of pitbulls to whom people have as pets. I also busted my hand resuing a dog from the classic "hes never done that before" BS pitbull attacking.
My point is, I have seen both sides of the pit bull. My takes is I am not a judge or jury to decide the fate of any life. However, either is the a pit bull owner or breeder who really does not know... I mean really does not know.. to whom they are selling too.
I think the breeds (not just pit bulls) deserve to exist but should not be in the general public. They risk people and other forms of life. Plus its so sad how so many are mistrained. Perhaps rescue/educatioal parks could be founded allow the breeds to exist and live fulfilling lives away from sick SOB's who would mistreat them. As well as the general public does not need to look around everythime there loved one goes out and can be attacked ( yes I know I know it can only be the fault of the irrespeonsible owner and every pit bull/aggreesive breed owner is saying this can not be my dog... you are the same people who say/.. he never did this before...).

Dont bother replying stating I have no knowledge of the breeds and since I do not currently own one I am biased. I have friends who own pit bulls. I have been on the victom side of the pit bull. I have lived both sides.Again, its not just pit bulls there are several breeds. Many times its the owners fault. You may say its always the owner fault. OK say it and then listen to yourself. A fact is a fact the breeds are a threat... and yes ofcourse... cars, guns, and mother nature are all threats.... that is notthis discussion.... and yes many many of these breeds are great loving animals.... but many are dangerous and there lies the problem and there lies why people do nothing but argue about this..... I truly appreciate all animals... and think tthey all deserve a haven on this earth that man had overrun.... including myself....the breeds are just behaving in a natural manner..... if there is legislation... create safe havens... yes I know there are starving people the tax dollars can be sspent on... that too is another discussion.... but this discussion is about the breeds....

Am I have a conversation with myself? Yes I am... go ahead and laugh.... but I know i hit the real points... go ahead and critisize... I have fought a pitbull already your words cannot hurt me.

god Bless all living creatures.

lezlie said: pretty sure ive been around pitt bulls since i was a baby...and guess what?! NEVER BEEN BIT!! and trust me ivew had over a dozen of them..u gota thin, any dog thats been mistreated will be agressive..its common sense, adn since people use pit bullos to fight most of them are mistreated!!! yeah it sux that he was attecked, but hes alive right?! i dont care what anyone says all dogs are alike, as long as they have loving owners...they dont attack for no reason...they know who their family is and they will protect them...they arent stupid animals...those dogs were probably trained to fight and thats what tehy did

christopher said:

Now, Pit Bulls are one of the best dogs in the world when it comes to protection. If you don't need protection, don't buy one but sometimes they are to be just family pets. My father has 3 pit bulls. I love them as I was raised around them so anyone who doesn't like them, cool. That's ur opinion but mine is they aren't killers. They are just dogs.

Whitney said:

I agree that many pit bull's are agressive and may attack etc, but I think that what we need to look at is a dog will only learn to bite if it is taught to bite. It will only learn to attack if it is not properly socialized. Saying that we should ban all pitbulls is like saying we should lock up all children of murders because they will murder people. I have seen more agressive poodles and smaller dogs than pitbulls or rotweillers(please excuse the spelling). We don't care about the little dogs because they can't hurt anybody so we never hear about them. We never hear about the big dogs attacking because people carefully train them. People need to learn how to train their dogs properly, we can't blame the dogs, but the people. Just like it is not right to lock up murderers children it is not right to lock up pitbulls because of their parents/breed.

Saying so is not only ignorant, but very inconsiderate to those who own pit bulls. If you don't like pit bulls and choose to live in the dark and not educate yourself on the benefit of the breed you need to keep your mouth shut and your opinions to yourself.

ab said:


This will take five seconds and is confidential. Please sign this petition.

Scorpio said:

well, i have a 8 month old pitbull, first pitbull iv owned and shes more calm than my previous dogs, i had a doberman and a german shepard before that...and both of them would bark like crazy when people, not even strangers, came into the pitbull, Fidelis, she jus sits there wagging her tail...she does have some animal aggression, but at the end of the day, shes a pitbull, she was bred for animal aggression, NOT human aggression. So, in my opinion, any pitbull that shows strong human aggression should be put down, better for the dog and potention victims.

"But aren't pit bulls "inherently dangerous"?

If you think so, then consider the facts: In 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005, according to the American Temperament Test Society breed statistics, the "pit bull" (American pit bull terrier, American Staffordshire and Staffordshire bull) out performed the golden retriever, a breed noted for its gentle temperament."

"Remember though, pit bulls are tough and intelligent animals, historically bred for a willingness to test their mettle against larger and stronger animals and against each other. It is not uncommon for an adult pit bull to be very quarrelsome toward other dogs while being very friendly to humans, and to expect him to be otherwise is unfair to the dog, to yourself and to the community in which you live."

- Scorpio

jayden said:

pitbulls are not murderers.
its their owners that make them to that stuff.
so dont blame the breed.
blame the stupid people who think its funny to teach them the wrong shit.

Jack Jona said:

All pit bulls should be shot dead. They are smelly filthy, revolting animals, just like the rest of their breed. In fact, all dogs should be put to sleep, so we can walk on clean streets and dont have to look at their revolting mugs. It would be nice if all criminals were shot dead too.

Marilyn said:

Jack Jona you should be shot dead, and feed to the homeless dogs. People like you make me sick. You have no soul at all and are a waste of space and your taking up oxygen that the dogs could use you worthless pile of $h*t. I hate people who think they are to good for animals they were here first and will be here long after your lame ass is gone.

ojo said:

Its amazing how its the most misinformed, misguided, have no clue about stats or anything people who scream the loudest about banning Pitbulls for everyone. I read one of the first posts the fool who runs this page wrote and he says....

"Why should I educate myself more about the breed? I don't plan on owning one. It's the irresponsible jerk who buys one and lets it become a dangerous weapon that worries me."....

Are you kidding me? How can you as a grown person make a fair and unbiased descision without getting all pertinent information? You are ignorant...and proud of it. Only a fool would make a comment like that.

Its jerks like you, spouting your nonsense and filling the heads of the "sheep" in our society with nonsense. Go read a book before you swing that judgmental axe in this direction.

Marilyn said:

A GREAT solution to this issue would be permits... You must apply for a permit to own, breed and train these AWESOME dogs. This would keep the A$$H*le$ from owning and fighting them and this would keep them out of the backyard breeders game.

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