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Damn Technology! Damn! Damn! Damn!


technology: not hot

Nothing beats a Monday morning at work with server trouble. Normally our Linux box runs as smooth as silk, but since it normally doesn't hiccup at all, it's easy to ignore disk maintenance on it. So, yesterday morning it went south and nothing seemed to bring it back. I ended up putting in a new hard drive and installing a new distribution (Fedora Core 4 instead of the previous Red Hat Linux 8). After I got it set up I just put the troubled drive in and copy the files off it. Of course this sounds fine and dandy, but when the server goes down and nobody can use the files, and I'm cursing at the damn server for crapping out, it's not so fine and dandy.

Prior to the Monday fiasco, our color laser printer in our office decided it no longer wanted to be a color laser. Now, before you say big deal, get tech support, this is an Epson EPL-C8000 printer that used to be sold through IKON. We got it used (and for a heck of a bargain), but these days it's as if IKON recalled them all the wiped them off the face of North America. Yep, for some reason this printer is still in service in the rest of the world, but not in the Good Ol' USA. We have a hell of a time finding toner or anything. We did get some support on it over a year ago, but no luck this time. There's toner in the printer, the test pages directly from the printer know there should be color, but don't print any, and no setting has been changed, the printer has been rebooted, turned off, RAM pulled, and spit on. Nothing did the trick. Maybe it will mysteriously come back to color, but who knows and if we need a color print, wishing for one does no good.

And finally, one of the hard drives in my computer decided to spazz out. This was actually another MAXTOR diamond max drive that did this. Previous to the last few years, I had never had a hard drive croak or have serious problems, but we've had three MAXTOR ones do that at the office over the last few years. It could mean something, or maybe the technology Gremlin decided to mess with hard drives for a while before moving on to the printer.

When technology works great, it's the best thing since sliced bread, but when it screws up and doesn't work, you long for the day when you didn't have SPAM, Viruses, Spyware, Windows problems, internet downtime, and pop-ups. Ahhhh, the simple life, and not the one with Paris Hilton.

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