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Let's End On A Hot Note


Round and Round

Damn it's hot, not Paris Hilton it's hot hot, but just plain hot. It's 10pm at night, sitting in my living room and the thermometer on the wall says 80 still. Granted that's a lot better than last Wednesday when my wife and myself got to man a Girl Scout tent/booth at the Jefferson County Fair in Madras, Oregon. That was one of those days when it hot over 100 degrees and we got to sit under a tent outside for 10 hours. That was one of those days that flat out sucks the life out of you. We did manage one ride on the ferris wheel before we left, but it took another day to just recover.

Yesterday marked the day we got to deliver our art and photographs to the Deschutes County Fair, so I can now breathe a sigh of relief. The last week marked too many late nights and sore fingers from cutting mats and last minute touch ups. But for the chance at a $4 first prize, why not? Man, I am crazy. Must be the heat.

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