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Many Bends In The Road To Utopia


The Bends and Utopia

A week off from work was supposed to relax and de-stress myself (less work, less caffeine, etc...), but then I come back and read this about the health benefits of coffee. I did get a chance to hear two shows from this years Cascade Festival of Music, which are always good (especially when you get to go for free) and it was interesting to get to watch Sarah Mattox perform (someone I went to school with from kindergarten thru high-school).

With all the horrible stuff happening since Hurricane Katrina ripped through the gulf coast and how it's being dealt with, it seems a little insensitive to bitch about gas prices rising or how my fast food wasn't good or something along those lines, but the show must go on.

Bend, Oregon is one of the fastest growing cities in the state. Actually it is the fastest growing (whether Donald Trump said so or not) and maybe in not a good way. Everyone knows that sprawl doesn't always incite feelings of jubilance from everyone, maybe just the developers with big pockets. A recent letter I read in The Source Weekly from the September 1st issue entitled "Improving Bend To Death" stated how a lot of people living here feel, but is rarely expressed as a reason to not let things continue down the path we have already started down:

1. People have moved to Bend because of the rural feel of the area and open spaces.
2. People have moved to Bend because of the recreational opportunities.
3. People have moved to Bend to enjoy freedom from crowding.
4. People have moved to Bend to avoid horrid traffic situations.
5. People have moved to Bend because of the reasonable prices of homes.

The letter stated the obvious after mentioning this list, which everything that brought people here will eventually, send them away. But that's what we want, right? To send all the people away who ruined it, right? Well, what will really happen is all the people who lived here before it was ruined will leave, along with those who ruined it.

The housing market is insane. Building, building and more building while prices keep rising and rising (and don't expect that to change anytime soon). With crude oil prices going up and up, the extra cost has to go somewhere. Anything that is petroleum-based (plastics, etc) is going to cost more. Anything delivered on a vehicle using fuel is going to cost more (lumber, etc). Anything that has more demand than supply (cement this year - steel was last year) is going to cost more. Simply put everything is going to cost more.

Is the city interested in affordable housing and controlling growth? Nope. They'd rather build more roundabouts to keep traffic moving faster and faster, at least until there are too many cars in them, which already happens. As long as the art in the roundabouts is big enough to see four-blocks away while your waiting to enter the traffic circle, it's all good as they see it.

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