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Gas prices went down, oh wait, they went back up. Damn.

On my previous gas rant (back in the good 'ol $2.50 per gallon days) that I'm supposed to Count yrself lucky with prices in Europe being around $7/gallon. The thing is, it's always been more expensive in Europe, and I don't know if the people who live there just accept it and move on. In the USA we've been living on cheap gas for quite a while. Back in 2000, gas was the cheapest I've ever seen it be: under $1 per gallon. I knew that was too good to last. Just three years ago was $1.40 and today it's around $3.05. That's an increase of 217.9%.

If we take the same rate of inflation to other goods over the last three years (have they increased 217.9%?):

Electronics and Computers - nope: if anything these items are cheaper. They are still shipped.
Automobiles - nope: prices have generally remained the same.
Fast food and restaurants - nope: prices are about the same.
Clothing - nope: most items have generally remained stable.
Groceries - nope: although some items like meat, fish, fruit and vegetables have increased to almost double.
Other goods - nope: most other household items haven't doubled in price.
Chia Pets - nope: the popular holiday gift has remained stable.
Housing - yes / no: some housing prices are going up like crazy, while some have increased slightly.
Entertainment - no: movies, concerts, sporting events, and performances have increased, but most aren't double what they were three years ago.
Gold - no: more rappers mean more bling, but gold has not doubled in three years.
Electricity, Natural Gas and Oil - yes: even though most every other item uses these to be produced, only the source products are costing more. It might be a natural resource type of thing.

What does it all mean? For investing purposes I'm confident in saying don't buy hot wings at Hooters, a package of shrimp, or a Chia Pet. Fill your garage with barrels of crude oil and buy lot's of fire insurance.

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DnB producer said:

I heard its about to go up to $4 a gallon on average in the next month too!

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