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Vote For Pedro


Too much funk, too much freak, too much fun

Robbed. Jipped. Ripped off. That's about all I can say about last Friday night.

That was the night of the Munch '& Movies: Vote For Pedro Dance Contest. Yeah, you know these things. Sometimes you think you have it in the bag, and sometimes you don't. They made a point of saying you could be an individual dancer or be a group. I was part of a group and we had a plan: win the $200 cash prize. No other group showed up. Somehow an indivual was able to say they were a group. Everyone else copied, we were original. Everyone else wore the 'Vote For Pedro' t-shirts, we all wore 'I ♥ La-Fawnduh' t-shirts. Everyone else used the standard audio track. I mixed up a custom version of Stevie Wonder's Superstition, which the audio crew didn't start at the correct point.

The non-group won the group prize. We won visors. The crowd cheared for us. We felt good. STUPID IDIOTS. GOSH. GEEZ.

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Jake said:

Man, if somebody just had a video of that performance, I'd buy it for a dollar ;-)

(Actually, I would love to see it -- sorry I missed it, but yes, you got robbed)