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Dresscode Schmesscode (Or If I don't Get To Wear My Bling, I'm Going To Freak Out)


Fashion Trends In Business: Fall 2005

The NBA's new dress code isn't a big deal and we should move on, or is it? It might be a silly issue or something that would seem trivial to most people, but when you take a bunch of young adults and give them lots and lots of money, and then pad their egos again and again, you get some gems:

"I think it's a load of crap. I understand what they're trying to do with [forbidding] hats and 'do rags and [retro] jerseys and stuff. That's fine. But I don't understand why they would take it to this level. I think it's basically retarded."

So, wearing a suit to work is retarded, eh?

"I have no problem dressing up ... because I know I'm a nice-looking guy. But as far as chains, I definitely feel that's a racial statement. Almost 100 percent of the guys in the league who are young and black wear big chains. So I definitely don't agree with that at all."

And all Muslims are terrorists right? All nice-looking guys need the bling to be, well, nicier looking, right?

"No it's not a big deal, not to me. Sometimes you feel lazy and you don't feel like putting some clothes on, but this is a job."

Obviously going anatural to the office ( isn't going to work anymore either.

"The players have been dressing in prison garb the last five or six years. All the stuff that goes on, it's like gangster, thuggery stuff."

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban took offense to players being called thugs because of how they dressed. That quote about was from Lakers head coach Phil Jackson, who probably is one of the most respected coaches in the game.

"I don't have that many suits; I may have to recycle. I can't go to Men's Wearhouse because my arms are too long. I can make it work, though. If you've got 10 suits, you've really got 30. You just have to mix and match 'em right."

Huh? What? If you've got 10, you've got 30, but you don't have enough? No wonder the players are in an uproar about this, it's just too confusing to know how to dress! Where's Carson Kressley when you need him most?

"I think they're coming on way too strict. Movie stars in L.A., they're not always in jackets and ties, and they're setting trends, and we're looked at in the same light."

Yep, Wally Szczerbiak and Paris Hilton are basically the same.

"I don't think it's quite comfortable, but it's probably reasonable because NBA is a big organization around the world. We're like businessmen, and businessmen wear coats and suits."

But I thought the NBA is like Hollywood? 10 = 30? I'm getting confused.

"I'm actually glad they're doing it because some people come to these games looking wrong."

And two wrongs don't make a right, right? I mean, this is clearly wrong.

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wendy campbell said:

what makes these guys even think that they're entitled to "BLING",anyway,when the rest of us are honetsly WORKING for what we have? Playing a sport in front of a camera is NOT a real job,because as soon as you're NO LONGER the next new thing,you're gone! Sorry,but this is just how it is.

wendy campbell said:

Hey! Dress up for an EVERYDAY job,especially because I KNOW I can make it look right,no problem!
But playing hoops for a living? PLEASE!
5'5 is NOT the right height for such a job!

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