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Who Took A Cookie From The Cookie Jar? DeWolf Took A Cookie From The Cookie Jar


A Wolf In Wolf's Clothing

Deschutes County Commissioner Tom DeWolf announced his resignation today, which honestly wasn't much of a shock:

DeWolf didn't directly address allegations raised by prosecutors that he groped another woman in about 1993, while he was involved in a community theater project.

The woman told Lane County investigators that DeWolf put his hand down her pants and touched her genitals without her consent, according to Lane County Deputy District Attorney Kent Mortimore.

Probably what was more shocking today is when I read the story on A kind statement could be said that quality control on has decreased ever since Barney Lerten left for Newschannel 21 (or Z21 for you old-school folks). The articles are bland and the site itself is getting covered with tacky banner ads that usually adorn sites that I never visit, or close the browser window after seeing all the ads. Now, the ads on rotate and maybe it was a freak of nature or the stars were in perfect alignment with Mars at the moment, but when I loaded up the page to read the story, this is what I saw.

Now, I could be wrong about targeted marketing, but I think missed the mark with this one. Chalk one up for accidental boobies or maybe it should be a blatant booby award for (nice job folks!).

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