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Cream Cheese, It's Not Just For Bagels Anymore



There's something rotten in the state of Denmark, and it's you. Yes you, SUV loving Hummer driver. I'm not talking about the serious Grizzly Adams type, who actually drives off-road and needs a serious vehicle, but the suit-wearing, golf playing, expresso drinking yuppie who loves his H2 and reeks of it.

When the reek of the H2 passes you by, then step outside and notice the cool fall air. Winter is on the way and so is flu season. Whether it's the kind that brings the desire for chicken soup, or the kind brought about by chicken terrorists , it's time to think about getting that shot. Of course it will probably be just like last year, with a shortage and I'll have to fight the flu with my own secret batch of Mountain Dew, Twinkies and leftover Halloween candy flu vaccine. If you create such a nasty environment in your body, it's possible to kill off any virus that got used to antibiotic soap and tofu lifestyles.

If that's not enough mental cheese for your diet, then head on over and make yourself a hot guy. If that isn't cheesy enough for you, then head on over to 7-Eleven and pick up some nachos. They're tasty good and you'll probably be even safer from bird flu than ever.

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Stacy said:

Are hummers SVUs? I thought they were something else... I think H2s are SVUs, but the others are categorized something else. Eh, either way, you're talking about the H2, aren't you.

monkeyinabox said:

Stacy - The term SUV stands for Sport Utility Vehicle. There's also a SUT - Sport Utility Truck, which is more of what the H1 is. Of course you can get the H2 in SUT form as well, so I guess I generalized using the term SUV with an off-road vehicle that holds more people than are usually in it and gets poor fuel economy.

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