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Road Trip Highlight : Gas For $2.21 A Gallon


Cheap is good

It's a sad day when getting gas for $2.21/gallon is the highlight, but it was one! Unlike Paris Hilton, when I get into a car to go somewhere, I go go go.

Over the past three days I was part of a Girl Scout trip that headed north to the vicinity surrounding Fort Clatsop for the Lewis & Clark bicentennial celebration. There were plenty of hands-on activities and re-enactors spread out all along cities such as Astoria, Chinook, and Long Beach, which was a blast to watch and listen to, especially the performance of York, the slave brought along on the trip by Clark, in the Corps of Discovery Tent of Many Voices. Did I mention that I paid $2.21/gallon for gas too?

Another interesting bit was Sacagawea, but not her story, which was interesting, but her name and how it was pronounced. I'm going to make an assumption that the people putting on the performances, did a fair bit of research and pronounced her name the way it should be: 'Sah-cah' gah-we-ah'

Captain Clark wrote that the “great object was to make every letter sound” in recording Indian words in their journals. The pronunciation of Sacagawea’s name in years since the expedition as “Sacajawea” does not match “Sah-cah' gah-we-ah,” the way that the captains recorded the young Shoshone woman’s name. In fact, her name -- made by joining the Hidatsa words for bird (“sacaga”) and woman (“wea”) -- was written 17 times by the explorers in their journals and on their maps, and each time it was spelled with a “g” in the third syllable.

In other words there's no 'sack' in her name, which is how I've been saying it and how I remember it being taught. Interesting and did I mention that I got gas for $2.21/gallon?

Of course if you are in Long Beach, WA you couldn't just see all the Lewis and Clark historical artifacts without getting some other local history, such as Jake The Alligator Man. Of course the question that you are begging to ask is this: Why is Jake The Alligator Man in a weird store in Long Beach, Washington, when he was spotted AND captured in Florida, atleast as reported by the fine Weekly World News tabloid? Simple, Jake's a Lewis and Clark junkie just like the rest of us.

And finally, in the lovely town of Scappoose, Oregon I came across gas for $2.21/gallon at Fred Meyer. That's 40 cents a gallon cheaper than I've felt lucky to pay in Bend anytime lately. At least I now know where those 'state average' prices come from. Gas for $2.21/gallon. Never thought I'd see that again.

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Jake said:

So how does Fort Clatsop look after the fire?

monkeyinabox said:

Unfortunately we didn't make it to Fort Clatsop. We had a tight schedule and that was one item that was an iffy. Makes a lot of sense, huh?

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