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Extremely Ebullient Expressions



For example, it's colder than a witches tit, UNLESS you are wearing on of these.

Or perhaps, Paris Hilton attacked by pet monkey and lives to tell the tale of when eating bananas makes you go bananas. Of course life returned to normal shortly afterward:

Paris then spent over $4,000 on designer bras, panties and a kinky bullwhip, according to America's New York Post newspaper.

Kinky bullwhip? Looks that monkey is going to be sorry!

Looking for something up and coming? This will be the next big catchphrase: You have a face for podcasting!. With podcasting as the next big thing, and soon enough more and more people are going to be giving it a try with easy options popping up and the mindset that you could make some money doing it, get ready for loads of podcasts that are as good as your friends brother talking into a cassette recorder.

Another big expression that could cause many people to jump for joy would be the $100 Laptops Are Here. Obviously those 486's you donated to Habitat For Humanity isn't going to cut the mustard for those needing computer access, so bring on the cheap laptops fully loaded (including a hand crank!).

So, up to now we have:

Cold Than A Witch's Tit
Paris Hilton Attacked By Pet Monkey!
You Have a Face For Podcasting!
$100 Laptops Are Here!

What's left to cover? The Blogosphere Has Jumped The Shark! or Trump Is Fired Up About Bend, Oregon!, or perhaps I should let this post go down as the What the hell was I thinking that day?

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