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Time For Turkey(s)


Seconds or thirds

Yes, it's that time of the year again. Time for turkey(s)! Wait, did I say turkey(s) and not just turkey? Yes, I did and before you say, 'big deal I eat at two or three houses on Thanksgiving every year', I'm not talking about multiple houses, I'm talking about one. And no, this is not for the one Thanksgiving meal, this is for Thanksgiving week. Yep, why just feast on one day of the year, when you can go nuts for the whole week?

Now, for you math junkies out there, I'll let you examine this one. During the weeks prior to Thanksgiving, many grocery stores have deals on Turkeys, and everyone knows that. Some people see the ads that read Spend $100 and get a FREE turkey! and go nuts. I'm the one that sees the ad that reads Get a turkey for 19 cents a pound when you spend $25 and goes nuts. These days you can't buy anything at the store without spending $25, unless you truly are living on Top Ramen, but I haven't seen a turkey flavored Top Ramen, so that won't cut it for our Thanksgiving Week feast.

According to's story about Thanksgiving meal prices going up to $36.78 to feed 10 people. Wait a sec. Hold on. 10 people are coming to your house and you can get away with only spending $36.78? Of course with the price of gas, utilities and rent being much higher than the average wage in Central Oregon, maybe that's all most people can afford. Sorry to digress, but this post is not about sensible reality, it's about stuffing yourself because this is America after all.

As someone who worked in a grocery store for too many Thanksgivings to remember, I know people spend much more than $36.78 and this is where I will get back to multiple turkeys. If you can get a turkey for 19 cents a pound and a typical turkey is about 20-lbs, that comes to $3.80. That's three dollars and eighty cents. Are you hearing me? THREE DOLLARS AND EIGHTY CENTS! Last time I checked a Big Mac, or Le Big Mac for you French people out there, runs you about $2. A Whopper comes in at around $2.50, and Carls Jr $6 Burger hits about $4. I don't know about you, but a 20-pound turkey sure hits the spot more than a Big Mac and it doesn't cost much more.

Sounds like eating Euphoria, right? Well, not so fast. Either you have a lot of Freezer space, or it's time to embrace The Thanksgiving Week Feast. This is where you go to the store, spend $25 and STOP. Get your turkey and go pay. Take it home, thaw it out and cook it up. Now repeat. Pretty soon you'll be enjoying turkey for every meal! Not just Thanksgiving leftovers for a few days! It's Thanksgiving for 2-weeks! If you thought stretchy pants were stretchy enough, think again! If you thought passing out after one meal on Thanksgiving was enough, think again.

So hold off on those Big Macs and enjoy this time of year, because it's truly Time For Turkey(s)!

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Jake said:

The real trick (which happened to me) is having a boss who bought a bunch of Harry and David pre-cooked frozen turkeys (I think she has stock in the company, as she buys everything there). They're pre-cooked, so just throw them in the oven for a while, and BOOM, you're done. Heck, they don't even need to be put in the oven, they just need to thaw out.

But she had extra as she bought like 30 of these things for a company of 20 employees, so I made sure to grab an extra. I'll have to see how they taste, but Harry and David stuff is usually pretty dang good.

monkeyinabox said:

That is good. Free is always better than not free. The cool thing about the grocery stores that make you spend $25, really don't have a lot of restrictions. So you could buy $25 worth of Deschutes Brewery beer and then get a turkey for $3.80. Life is good.

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