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Christmas Comes Early To Sisters Oregon


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Well, Sisters, Oregon got an early Christmas present, or perhaps it was late, but McDonalds is finally there. Wait a sec... Are you kidding me, McDonalds in Sisters is news? Well, there was that bit of arson and numerous Sisteronians who felt that the fast-food giant could bring no-good to the small western town, which honestly looks more like Disneyland than a real western town, but that's besides the point.

It's probably overkill at this point to go on, but the story on NewsChannel 21 tonight pushed me over the edge. Alright, there was no edge, but when they make a trip out to film people standing in line for Big Macs and have quotes from people like this:

The town is growing, so it's a good thing there are more jobs available.


It's nice to have more of a variety of places to eat in Sisters.

Are people honestly believing this stuff? More jobs? Sure, about 10 that pay $7.25. Wow, that's a good thing. More variety in food? Was someone bribed to say that? I mean, really! I guess you never know how good you had it until you lose it. Yep, someone clearly lost it there. It's McDonalds...Ho hum. Oh wait, I better be seasonal about it, ho ho ho hum.

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