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The Best Of 2005, Well, The Best Of This Site In 2005


Remembering the past is like cheesy radio hit from 1983

With the end of the year quickly approaching, those best of 2005 lists are popping up everywhere. I could sit back and simply say, "ah what a [great] [sucky] [boring] [exciting] (I haven't made up my mind yet) year", I will figure it out in list form.

Without further ado, this is the Best Of 2005 style:

10. Hey, Spammers Take That! - this got the year of to a good start when I finally did something to fight comment spam on this site. You know when comment spam actually makes life bad, you need to get a new life.

9. Sex Sells, But It Has Nothing To Do With This Entry - getting to see Death Cab For Cutie again rocked and getting to see them for free rocked even more.

8. Gas Prices, Damn 'Em To Hell - I love bitching about the price of gas more than, well, bitching about the price of gas. This post was written when gas at $2.50 seemed too high, but little did I know it was going to hit $3.00 a gallon. So thankfully, it was a summer of riding my bike to work and earning free beer (thanks Commute Options!).

7. Do Terrorists Wear Boxers Or Briefs? - During the year everyone was asking "where are the weapons of mass destruction?" or "where is Osama Bin Ladin?", and while these questions were never answered, this one was. This alone has lead to many nights of better sleep.

6. Sweet Goodness Metal Crunchiness - after revisting this post, I might have to take back my statement about mass-produced popcorn tins. Eating Goody's popcorn is good. Eating a metal bolt is not.

5. Someone's Been Chewing On My Pens - yep, chewed up pens are one thing, but someone else chewing your pens is another. It's like someone else eating the centers of your Oreo Cookies! It's like someone else taking the prize out of your cereal box. Stuff like this isn't fighting fair!

4. Vote For Pedro - Lets just say it calmly... I'M NOT FREAKING PISSED THAT WE GOT RIPPED OFF.. okay, I feel better now. It still pains me anytime I hear that Stevie Wonder song anymore either.

3. When Primates Go Bad - click on 'the secret to my success' and you'll see why.

2. [tie] Dogs With Balloons, Llamas On A Leash, & Monkeys In Wagons and Monkey Claus: The Trifecta, Almost, So Close - you can never go wrong with monkey wagons in parades (except for technical difficulties).

and... well, actually I had a hard time with The Nightmare After Turkey Day That Never Happened , Here's A Tip For Ya, and Pit Bulls Are Murderers still left, but it had to be...

1. Pepsi Day At The Fair Sucked - lines, lines, everywhere a line... I have never experienced something that left a feeling burned into my brain as bad as the line experience from the fair. The only thing that makes me feel better is looking at all the ribbons I have from my art and photography entries. It totally makes up for only having a couple of ribbons from field day back in grade school.

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