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#400 Part 1: For Those Utterlybored


Oh what a slacker I am

Well here it is, post #400. Yep that's 400 entries to the daily banana. I started this back on April 21, 2003 . Hold the phone, wait a second, this is called the daily banana. By my calculations, I should have had more than 400 entries by now. That just makes me a bold-faced liar, and frankly, that won't fly.

Using a date calculations, I should have around 1,027 entries if this was truly the daily banana. By the end of the year I should have 1,351 entries, but to do that I'm going to need to average 2.92615 entries a day for the rest of the year.

The only way I think I can manage that if starting today, monkeyinabox presents: For Those Utterlybored.

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