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Fun Around Downtown Bend In About Three Weeks


road work

Get ready for fun in the downtown Bend area, come April 1st.

April 1 (no fooling) is C-day for downtown, C being the closure of the Newport Avenue Bridge while it is being replaced. At the Bend Downtowners Association meeting on Wednesday, business owners talked about how to get the message out that “downtown is open and it won’t be hard to get around” until the new bridge is completed. The contractor has until Oct. 6 to finish construction, but there are incentives in the contract to get the new bridge open as soon as possible. One of the biggest challenges will be ensuring that adequate signage directs visitors to alternate routes. Motorists inevitably will come to the intersection of Greenwood Avenue and Wall Street and have to either make a right-hand turn north or turn left into downtown, possibly causing congestion on Wall Street. Also, while the bridge is down all street parking on Portland Avenue from Wall Street west to at least 12th Street will be eliminated in order to put bike lanes on both sides of the avenue. Another concern for downtown: In June or July, Minnesota Avenue between Bond Street and Lava Road will be closed for about a month while a massive electrical utility vault is installed near the new parking garage. Support your local downtown businesses this year – they’ll need it.

Sure, I'll be down there everyday, just to make life worse. I feel for the businesses, but remember when the Flaming Chicken roundabout went up? Bye-bye Dairy Queen. I guess I better hit Goodies once or twice soon.

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mrs h said:

SHIT! I thought that was suppose to happen April 10? That is the day I'm moving downtown. Guess we'll just have to take Portland Ave!

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