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Shoes Too Tight



Being fascinated by the ancient art of Kung-Fu, and my obsession with the TV show 24, there's a few things these two have in common: fighting and torture. Well, maybe there's not so much torture in Kung-Fu, but the idea of inflicting pain is there.

Now, I'm making a big stretch here, but this weekend I had a chance to go out and do some Nordic skiing. Once again, being tall had an impact on the amount of enjoyment I was going to have. Enter the ancient torture device or method known as Shoes Too Tight.

Hmmmm... Shoes Too Tight?, you ask me? Probably not if you are a woman. Oh man, should I really classify something many women do on a daily basis as torture? Maybe not, but what if you enter another parameter into the equation: Socks Too Big AND Shoes Too Tight? Ahhhh... now we are getting somewhere.

Upon arriving at the rental counter at the Nordic Ski Center, I was handed a pair of ski boots, that were not quiet the right size. The night before I had planned for the weather to be cold and nasty, so I was dressed warm. I had extra-thick wool socks on. You know, the kind that makes your feet a size bigger. This was a problem. Socks Too Big AND Shoes Too Tight.

I did start to wonder if this was really as bad as it could be. At least I wasn't also being hit hard with Underwear Too Tight or Pants Too Baggy, or even Sweater Too Itchy. Just Socks Too Big AND Shoes Too Tight, so I pushed forward and shoved my feet into the boots and cringed.

PAIN. OUCH. PAIN. OUCH. Oh well, it would be over in a few hours at least. Now another issue was this was probably the first time in about 20 years that I had gone skiing. Yep, I live in Bend and I really don't ski. After snapping my boots in and grabbing onto the polls it was almost like riding a bicycle (you never forget how) except there was no bicycle and it was snowy, so it was nothing like riding a bicycle. Go figure.

My daughter quickly got a handle on the whole falling down part. She mastered it very fast, I'd like to say. I did pretty well and only fell once. Of course I landed on one of my aluminum poles and it looked like the letter "C" when I got up. Opps. Quickly, bend, bend, bend, bending.... ahhhh.... all better. I was sure my toes looked worse from the Socks Too Big AND Shoes Too Tight dilemma.

Once it was over, the shoes/boots came off. RELIEF! JUBILATION! Socks Too Big AND Shoes Just Right is much better. I survived, my toes a lot sorer, but I survived Socks Too Big AND Shoes Too Tight. Will I do it again. I hope not.

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wendy said:

I got used to renting the same size downhill boots everytime to accomodate my big socks, and then last time I went I forgot the big socks. I spent the whole day feeling like my feet were sliding around in the boots.

Mrs. Monkey said:

I'm sorry about your hurt feet you poor Monkey! Was Mrs. Monkey able to help you soothe them?

mrs h said:

New theme song for you ... God Monkey Robot by The Apparitions

monkeyinabox said:

mrs. monkey-
Sadly there was no champagne foot bath, no epsom salt, not even lovers spit.

mrs. h-
that's for the tip on that song. For anyone else who wants to be blessed by God Monkeys and Robots, check it out:

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