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I Don't Save Room For Desert


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Given the choice between another slice of pizza or an ice-milky sundae, I'll always choose the main course. This theory was tested last night as we headed to the all-you-can-eat buffet at Izzy's. Sure it's all about choices: pizza, chicken, pasta, and ribs. Now, you could just say, "screw it" and grab a plate of cinnamon rolls, but that's not such a good choice.

The main reason we headed to Izzy's was my daughter had received a certificate for a free child's buffet from the dentist. Now after thinking about it a bit, I'm not surprised Izzy's doesn't just give these out to all school children on a weekly basis. Usually your average kid isn't going to eat much, and atleast one parent is going to come along for the buffet ride. Usually the dining establishment comes out ahead. Of course my daughter shook that theory up a bit when she grabbed about two cans worth of baby corn off the salad bar.

Now, this is the point where the story could go wrong: Too much pizza, BBQ rib rash, chicken overload, or too stuffed with salad syndrome. In general I kept it under control. These places are scary because rarely do you see skinny super-models walking around, but rather the type of people shown on Supersize Me. It's one of those things that goes through you head as you go back for another plateful of sweet doughy cinnamon rolls.

On this day the monkey did not have any cinnamon rolls, no ice-milky sundaes, or berry cobblers. I had enough food and didn't want to cross the line of where you eat Thanksgiving sized portions and go home and pass out. Nope, none of that for me.

So, what did you learn from today's post? Nothing. But, I'm sure your thinking about Izzy's cinnamon rolls right now. That gives me enough warm fuzzies for the both of us.

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