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Atlast Something To Write About



Sometimes you have too much stuff to write about and sometimes you just have too little. What happens when you have too much stuff that you can't write about? Yes, it's not always being a monkeyinabox. Sometimes you have to stay inside the box, sometimes you poke your head out slowing, looking around, making sure it's safe. Other times, you just jump right out.

Good fellow blog buddy Paul Davidson hit the nail on the head with one of his recent posts about what blog owners write about and what their excuses are when they don't write about anything:

37.5%: Posts about sleep, not enough sleep, needing sleep or wishing that once in awhile the people next door would stop putting hard-boiled eggs in the microwave, exploding them, then laughing maniacally.
29.9%: Posts about not having anything to post about, wishing they’d never started their blogs in the first place, and overly-apologetic about letting “you” down.
21.3%: Posts promising pictures of trips, dogs, crazy parties or “something your eyes will never believe.”
16.2%: Posts about someone else’s post.
12.1%: Posts often detailing the length of time it took to get home from work and the thoughts that plagued said driver while driving said route while on the way home.
6.8%: Posts about a politician and their similarity to a particular farm animal.
2.1%: Posts about “that damn song.”

Looks like I already violated one of those by mentioning this his post, but if I need that to help explain my point, than so be it.

I was stuck in a dilemma about writing about this or that. Sure, I could sit down and write about technology. Ahhhhh...look at the new toy I have, want, or have wanted. Maybe that's fun for me, but for you, that's not always the case. And too little sleep? Maybe that's interesting to you, and maybe it's not. Maybe you wake up every night at 3:30am looking at my site wondering why I haven't written anything new. Sorry.

Too busy to write? Maybe. Too many secrets I can't share? Maybe.

I can write about numbers, but not specifics. Maybe later, maybe not. 1836. 10. 101. 2. See it's all confusing isn't it?

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