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So, Yesterday is Taco Tuesday at the local Del Taco. Yes, three little tacos for $1.09. It's not a bad deal when you have to feed the family and you're short on time.

Okay, that's not the issue here. For some reason at Del Taco, when you pay with your credit card, they want to see picture ID. This is never a problem when you use the drive-thru, since you already have your drivers license with you. The thing that makes me go "hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm", is why? Of all nights, Taco Tuesday, when I got a fat sack of tacos for under $7.00 (of course now I realize they over-charged me) why would they ask for ID? I mean if I had a stolen credit card, do you think the first place I would run to would be Del Taco and then proceed to order cheap tacos? It's not like I ordered the crispy fish tacos or anything extravagant like that. Nope, the plain Jane cheap tacos.

I mean, they don't even ask for ID at gas stations and you don't even have to sign the receipt. So, the next time you have a stolen credit card in your hot little hands, fill up the tank, but don't try to fill up on cheap tacos.

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