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Learn Something

Do you try to make yourself better everyday? You know, learn something everyday or teach yourself a new skill? Maybe you do and maybe you don't. Maybe you could find a way to put those roller skating skills to good use, maybe you could show your lady friends you care, and buy them some new shoes. Every little bit helps.

So, the monkey has been quite lately. Yep, too much going on and too many damn secrets. From work to home life to everywhere in-between. But, since I can't go into everything quite yet, I'll move on the adventures of Mother's Day weekend. Okay, so there weren't too many adventures, but the oddest thing, was the going out to eat experience.

Yes, Mother's Day is the mother of all days for people going out to eat. For some reason this escaped my wife and myself. She had to work on Mother's Day (ain't that a mother in itself) and after work we thought we'd all go out for a late lunch. We were not in the mood for a special feast or anything, just the usually lunch specials at Chans. Oppps... The extremely crowded parking lot at 2:30pm gave something away. Ohhhh..a special Mother's Day meal. We weren't in the mood for something too special and $30 for our lunch seemed a tad steep, so we headed down the road.

We thought that we'd check out the Chan's clone (or at least it used to be), or China Wok, as it is called, and see if it was any different. It sure was. The parking lot was empty. We slowly walked inside, wondering if it was business as usual, and there were no signs about Mother's Day or anything. The only sign in the lobby was the fish tank, which once help many bright golden fish. Now there was just a few and they were black. I tell you this, if you see a fish tank with one black fish, run, run far away.

There were two Oriental men inside who worked there. They were polite and seemed surprised that we were coming inside. We were seated quickly, since we could basically have any seat in the place. The one man who brought the menus then went across the restaurant and stared out the window towards Taco Time. I wasn't sure if he was dreaming of nachos, or something else.

From the time we were given our menus, too much time passed. You would think they would have been anxious to get our order. We were given our glasses of water and a teapot, but no cups for the tea. We sat in odd silence, sipped water, and winked and gestured to grab some attention.

The second man came close and got ready to take our order. My wife started to order a lunch requesting the Mother's Chicken dish. "No, lunch specials today it's Mother's Day," was the response back. Yes, obviously it was a Mother's Day feast there as we looked around and grumbled. Fine, we regrouped and order a few plates of food. There was no special Mother's Day meal, it was just no lunch specials today. Okay, fair enough. The other odd thing was the second man keep saying "please" with every sentence. Obviously it was one of those Lost In Translation moments, but it got comical after about 30 or so please's.

We had to ask three times for our tea cups, and after our food was brought out the men went back to staring out the window. It was as if this was not a restaurant after all and simply a cover for a Chinese Death Squad. At one point two ladies entered, ordered something, paid and left with no food. Maybe they ordered the "Kung Pao My Husband and Chop Suey Yours Special".

So for all of you keeping score at home, China Wok should be awarded with an AVOID rating. Avoid if you want cups with your tea, service, and feelings besides terror and secret death squads. The food wasn't bad, but something wasn't quite right. Let's just hope the chicken was really chicken and not Crouching Tyger Hidden Dog Tail.

You learn something everyday.

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mrs h said:

So I went to one roller derby practice and loved it but the reality of it is I don't have the time or the money to invest but it sure was fun. I think for now, I'll watch.

Jeff said:

China Wok used to be good. Now it blows. Have had experiences with the "prease" guy.

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