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Counting Back From Ten


someone told you long ago, all you ever needed to know

Everything counts in large amounts. The grabbing hands, Grab all they can, All for themselves, After all, It's a competitive world.

Usually these days you find yourself grabbing for all you can get. There's the all-you-can-eat buffet, the stores having sales for a limited time, or just buying that ice-cream sundae that you have no intention of sharing. You grab it all, all for yourself.

Sometimes you stumble onto something unexpected. Sometimes you see a sign, or a lucky dime:

found a dime in the metro line
funny to see a familiar face
since you left us long ago
there's never been a trace of luck to guide me

hoping to see a sign
or a lucky dime

searching as i go
hoping to see a sign
or a lucky'

someone told you long ago
all you ever needed to know
no matter how far you drift alone
i'll always be here around'

hoping to see a sign
or a lucky dime

If you haven't already got your Calexico fix this year (shame on you). Get it, it's that good. Now, back to the matter at hand. On my recent trip to Washington DC, I found three dimes on the ground. My father made out a little better with a $5 bill, but yes, I found three dimes. Were they lucky? Or did I see the signs? Perhaps.

For my Thursday Challenge entry for Ground, I'm putting up a picture of one of these lucky dimes. Maybe you'll find your own, but if you don't feel free to use mine.

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Maria loves pictures said:

Congratulations for finding three dimes on a single trip. I think it was a sort of an unusual luck for you.

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