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Freak Out Friday Fun


you've given your purpose, now they've taken your dream, but you can't hide behind the two extremes.

So, you can have your freak out, or you can have you fun, but why not have both? So, in todays post, let's have some Freak Out Friday Fun!

I know I haven't been paying attention to American Idol, but I happened to turn on FOX Wednesday night and saw some bizarre stuff. First of all Prince was on the tv, and he was singing. Yes, Mr. Purple Rain, was on American Idol. I wasn't sure if they figured the contestants sucked and decided to give his purple-ishness the title this year. Nope, soon enough I saw what happened. Mark Cuban won! I think he forget his Just For Men hair dye, because he looked like this , but no matter. And look the Mavs are in the playoffs as well. So, let me take this chance to Trump VH1 and proudly proclaim... Mark Cuban is having The Best Week Ever!.

I've made my own postcards before, but none of them were this weird or funny. Speaking of things weird, this is just plain beyond weird.

Any Friday without monkeys isn't a good thing either. You need your monkey, so this will have to do. I'll save the look through the 10,000 pictures in the Flickr account. This one and this one are my fav's.

Oh, how could I almost forget the Grease Monkey book. Yep, kind of weird, kind of freaky and kind of fun. Oh yeah, no crap either.

[update] More goodies. Yep. Fosters is Australian for beer, but Guiness is.... And, if that wasn't good enough, how about 1980's music videos?

All right, is that enough fun for you? Time to get serious now. Today I got back on the bicycle and road to work. Yep, it's easy to fall into the old routine of not doing what I want, but what is easier. Of course the $3.00+ price tag for gas is a nice motivator too. And for those of you saying, 'it costs more here or there', I don't care! I am here and this price sucks. It sucks more than going to the video store and finding nothing but Dirty Dancing.

Now to really freak you out, but if you care get to know it. What is it? Peak Oil. Yep, stuff you should know about, but probably don't. So, read, and read, and read, and read. Okay, if that's not enough to freak you out, then you are tougher than Mr. T, except when's he doing a parody of himself. Oh wait, that's all the time these days. Oh well, you are just tough.

Yes, so we had some fun and we had some freak out time as well, but wasn't it nice having them together? Two extremes, and why try to hide behind one or the other? Meet in the middle. It's a much better place.

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dingo said:

Now what is wrong with Dirty Dancing!!? ;)

monkeyinabox said:

Two words: Patrick Swayze

dingo said:

bad boy, masculine, and he can move...
yum yum...

CountryMusicGirl18 said:

yeah... whats wrong with dirty dancing? :D

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