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Into The Wind


give yourself a minute to catch your breath, give yourself a minute to figure out what's next

Yes, to fly you must take off into the wind. You don't wait to be blown from behind to where you want to go, you have to head into it and let it lift you up and carry you away. In other words, huge kites need wind, otherwise they come crashing down with full force.

How could any three-day weekend be any better than one that features Beck, The Flaming Lips and BBQ? Yes, you would think that would be enough, but the monkey and his family also hit the movie theater to witness the latest installment of X-Men: The Last Stand. While this movie could be confused with an action film loaded with anti-mutant darts, dismembered limbs and death, it's more of a mushy love story, mutant style. And for all of you who walked out of the theater while the credits were playing, tisk tisk, because you missed the end of the movie.

So, back to the grind. At least you can't blame today as being dull after a weekend like that. It's more like today is a day to sit back, catch your breath after what happened and get ready for more. I feel a sense of relief even though this is going to be a crazy week.

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Brad said:

I left early and missed it, but funny thing is, I guessed the ending. I was saying to a guy how I totally expected to hear X's voice in either Magneto's or Wolverine's head based on that throwaway scene re: ethics that was obviously there for a reason.

Class of 92 said:

Oh, that's THE Brad isn't it? Hello Again. :)

Brad said:

Um... Hi. Who is dingo? Clearly someone we graduated with.

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