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Would You Like Some Chips?


woah there mr chips

Today was another one of those all-school BBQ's at my daughter’s school. Usually these things happen on days it's too cold to be outside, but we lucked out today. I was volunteered to help out serving. At first it looked like I had cookie duty, but then I was switched to chips. Yes, chips, potato chips, Ruffles... No big deal, right? Well, let me get started with saying this: I have big hands and I like chips.

Maybe this is part of the American culture of Supersize Me. Yep, when I put my rubber-glove covered hands into the huge bowl of chips I grabbed chips, massive amounts of chips and loaded up the kids plates. Yes, this included the kids who walked by with a hamburger bun, but no hamburger (Dr. Atkins is rolling in his grave), but I loaded them up with chips. The bags were about twice the size as those Super-sized bags you get at the super-market. I tore through them like they were nothing.

Some kids said, 'Whoa, that is a lot of chips!', but most were happy. I was the pusherman:

i'm your mamma, i'm your daddy
i'm that Ruffles man in the alley
i'm your doctor, when in need
want some ridges, have some crunch
you know me, i'm your friend
your main boy, thick and thin (with salt)
i'm your pusherman

After about 45-minutes of loading people up with chips, I was spent. It was my time to grab some grub and eat. Big surprise, I skipped the chips.

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