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two and two always make five

So on a day where everyone else writes about 6's, I won't. Should I mention the weekend camping trip that had about everything you could ask for: throwing up, fights, crying, rain and burnt marshmallows. Oh yeah, and how could I forget the moment when everything changed? I can't.

So, it seems fitting, that this week is Commute Options Week. It's Easier Than You Think, is the message that is pumped out. You have options, and some are easier than others. There's the saying that 'Doing the right thing isn't always easy'. I think it goes both ways in 'Doing the wrong thing isn't always easy' either.

Say you walk by a bank and it's empty. The doors are wide open. You walk inside and no one is in sight. As you look around you see the vault is wide open, and there's piles of money in plain sight. You also notice the power is out. No alarms, no security, nothing preventing you from taking the money. Is it really easy to do the right thing? Is it easy to do the wrong thing?

So, getting back to choices. Why is it we have so many choices? Ahhhh, it's called free will. No, no, no, not Free Willy, but free will. Essentially, this is what separates us from animals:

Such animals lack not only an awareness of the moral implications of their actions but also any capacity to reflect on their alternatives and their long-term consequences.

So, getting back to Commute Options Week. Okay, can we come out and say that if you don't participate, you are simply no better than a monkey driving a gas-guzzling SUV? Maybe that's a little harsh, but you know better. You have the right to make whatever choice you want, but what let's people lose sight of long-term consequences? Maybe it's that ego boost from driving your Hummer, or maybe you can't ride a bike, or maybe it's something completely different.

Today was a little surreal as I left on my bike to work. Very quickly I saw two shiny objects on the ground. Yep, two dimes. Now, this might be a 'whoooo hoooo' moment or a '20 cents no big deal' moment. Maybe it goes back to a previous post. Did it happen again, did I see a sign or find a lucky dime? In fact I found two. Adding to the previous three I found, that makes five. Okay, 2 + 3 = 5.

Fuzzy math, lucky dimes and choices. Is that what I'm leaving you with? Perhaps so. It's no different for me.

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mrs h said:

I've been mooching rides all week and my excuse is "commute options." I have no excuse -- I live 2 blocks from work. The only day I plan on driving -- Friday.

I don't have a bike. I'm too cheap to actually spend the money on one. Chuggnutt's wife has one I might test drive but we'll see.

BEND Over said:

You were right, I can't ride a bike. But I am going to learn, even if it kills me. That's my choice. See you on the road. I'll be the one with the training wheels. :)

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