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For Love Or Money


I see the fact that this thing you call love is an act

Be honest. Do you do it for love or money? There's a lot of things this could apply to, but I'll take it to one of the items this week: Commute Options Week. Sure, it's a good message and all that, but if it wasn't Commute Options Week, I'd still be biking to work. Other people at the office I work at, put in all this effort for one-week and then drop it. It's not for love, it's for money. It's just a simple act of playing a part that they don't believe in, but will do it because they are pushed into it. Honesty? Nope.

If this week was Ride Naked against oil consumption I might not participate. So, you see Commute Options really isn't asking that much of you.

So, today being a Friday you would think, 'ahhhhhhhhhhhh the weekend is here, time to relax'. Far from it. If you watch 24 on tv, you know the tagline: This is the longest day of my life. Well, today will be a sort of 24 for myself as well. No terrorists, or things blowing up, and I will eat, but the day has just begun and it's hard to know what you will find. Hopefully a lucky dime.

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