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A Life Of Possibilities


A Life Of Possibilities

Cut the grass. Grill the food. Clean the garage.

Yes, there's the typical day and the non-typical day stuff on Sundays. Being Father's Day, I was greeted by breakfast delivered to my bed at 9:30am. Ahhhhhhhh. Non of that too early in the morning stuff and it was good food. Brats for breakfast. Yes, anytime you can have brats for breakfast it's a good day. No beer, and it was after 9:00am. Hmmmmmmmmm. Tsk Tsk.

So, prior to the weekend, I had a bit of pre-FD happiness with an interview in The Bulletin my daughter and I got to do. Pretty fun and the photo shoot was loads of fun, but of course they used a pretty tame shot, and not the Homer Simpson one where I was choking...ummm...nevermind.

It's endless. It's mapless. No compass. No north star.

Being a parent? Life? What to do next? Yes, all of the above.

It's all too easy to fall into a pattern and forget what really matters. It's not always work. It's not tv. It's not the big playoff game. It's not the dirty dishes. It's not all of the stuff that sucks up all of your time. It's just not easy to remember that all of the time.

It's not easy now, and I don't expect it to get any easier. Just keep going, you're on your way.

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mrs h said:

Last night I had a dream you were our paper boy. In my dream, I went outside to pick up the morning paper and instead of my paper, you left me a sock monkey with a note that said "Pay your God Damn Bill -- the Monkey and the family need to eat."

It was really really surreal because I always pay my bills on time.

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