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Coffee junkies, addicts, lovers, whatever you call them are hooked on the java juice. Yes, it's true that I have joined the ranks, but it used to not be the case. Coffee? Blah! I couldn't stand the stuff. Occasionally, when I worked the 5:00am shift at the grocery store I would grab a cup of the nasty stuff in the break room that probably had been sitting around all night. Sugar never helped, but I did like creamer in it. Back to the present, it's the same way, well not nasty break room coffee, but good stuff with creamer.

Now, maybe I haven't reached the point of needing it everyday, but when it's in reach, I'll grab a cup and sit back an enjoy it. Okay, now really, how often do you get to sit back and really enjoy your coffee? Not often enough, it's more like pour it in to fuel the fire. Now, on the note of sitting back and enjoying your coffee, I've always enjoyed the movie Coffee and Cigarettes. It's basically just people having conversations over a cup of coffee and smoking cigarettes. Well, I don't smoke, but I can't watch the movie and not want coffee, so maybe I am an addict.

The conversation aspect of the film is what draws you in. The conversations sometimes are about coffee and sometimes not. Java junkies we are. Now, back to the theme of this post: 23. For some reason this number has always fascinated me. I'm not sure why, but it has. Maybe it's the progression from one of my favorite numbers, two, to three. Maybe it's the way the numbers look next to each other, or maybe it's the the enigma of 23:

The 23 Enigma is a belief that the number 23 is of particular or unusual significance, especially in relation to disasters.

Now, I'm not going to say that I believe twenty-three has something evil behind it, but rather that things work in mysterious ways and maybe the number has something to do with it, especially if you look hard enough or enjoy The KLF (maybe that is looking too hard enough).

Today, being the 23rd of June, I wanted to see what 23 mysteries I could find. Omy bike ride into work, I experienced full on, no BS, deja vu as I saw this cat running across this dusty, sagebrush field. It was something you don't usually see, a cat running for no reason and it caught my eye, as it did earlier this week. Yes, the same cat, running in the same place in the same way. Sure, maybe it's a cat that does that everyday out of habit, but it was seriously a moment of deja vu if I've ever seen one. Why was the cat running? Why did I look in that direction? Was a big coincidence that I was there at the same time as the cat? Yes, an odd moment in time that just happened to happen on this day. Not the kind of thing that helps you control you breathing as you are peddling up a hill, but moments like that often throw you for a moment anyway. Did that really happen?

With my bike ride commute, I usually get to work a little late in the morning, but that's fine since I like to miss the rush hour traffic and leave late as well. Today, when I logged into my computer it was 8:23am. Yes, I went and grabbed a cup of coffee to make sure I was awake. Yes I was. After that deja vu moment I was ready to see if things were going to occur just a little to coincidentally.

Now, getting back to movies, Coffee and Cigarettes came out in 2003. There's this movie coming out next year called The Number 23, which stars Jim Carrey and is not a comedy (not a very common theme with him). It will be released on February 23, 2007. Am I expecting any real answers from this movie? Well, maybe after the Natural Born Killers experience anything is possible.

Does eveyone have some number that draws them in? Obviously, this is not the only number I like, but it's one that has always grabbed my attention and continues to. I can't explain it, can you?

Maybe I'll just sit back for 23 hours, drink 23 cups of coffee and try to figure out the mystery of 23. Would it help? Probably not, but I probably would just come up with more things that relate to the number. What am I waiting for? Oh yeah, 11:23pm and 23 seconds (that's 23:23:23 for you 24-hour time junkies). Damn, if I had only thought about this three years ago.

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