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I'd Buy That For Dollar


Fiona for a dollar?  Hell yeah

Thanks to a surprise email on Thursday about really cheap concert tickets to Fiona Apple & Damien Rice I ended up attending a show that I probably would have skipped. Now given the fact these tickets were so dang cheap that not only did I go, so did my wife and daughter.

I felt sort of bad as I picked up the tickets from will call and this man in front of me plopped down $45 for one ticket and I got all three of ours for $7 total. I'm not sure what's going down with the shows these days with getting free tickets to The Flaming Lips, and then this, but if anyone is listening, cheap or free tickets to WEEN, PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE!

Okay, with that said, on with the show. Reserved seating? WTF? Well, if you want to kill the energy of a show, use reserved seating in the front. I guess if you paid $60 for a plastic chair, then, you're going to sit in your plastic chair. There was no standing up close, but rather a sea of blankets spread out on the lawn. I guess this was a little more down-tempo than Beck or The Flaming Lips, but someone who thought this was a good idea should be forced to let Fiona scream at them for three hours straight.

The show opened with David Garza, who is not my cup of tea. Some people like Kenny G, some people like Yanni, and some people like David Garza. I guess if I had to pick from that list, I'd pick David Garza, but his short set was slightly more interesting that his recorded music that I've heard. I did get some Ben & Jerry's ice-cream while he was playing so the memory wasn't all bad.

Damien Rice was up next. I had heard a little of his music and was not sure what to expect. Sometimes the cd is better and sometimes the live show is better. In Damien Rice's case I'm voting with the live show. Minus Lisa Hannigan who sang on the proper release 'O', Damien Rice was left to carry the show on his own, and did he ever. He had you hooked with his soft acoustic work with the cello backing and as the intensity increased with the bass and drums I was spellbound.

Of course the highlights had to be when Damien dropped the occasional F-bomb and our daughter keep saying, 'I didn't hear that'. Yep.

Fiona Apple isn't someone I've followed very closily either. Some of here songs grabbed my attention slightly over the years and I did listen to her latest cd Extraordinary Machine especially with the Jon Brion versions of her album floating around that were pretty good. Actually I'll just admit that I haven't been paying much attention to her work and it's pretty damn good. Her live performance was even more dynamic than her cd's. I'll say for people who don't like her voice, they were probably glad of the 10pm sound ordinance, but at least she got her time in.

And, yes, Fiona the sky is pretty here. And since I got your tickets for $130 less than some people, it wasn't poverty with a view that night. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

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