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If There's A Day To Get Brainfreeze, Today Is That Day


Imaginary Freedom

Go forth, thirst quenched fool and freeze thy brain for free today. Ah yes, nothing better than getting something for nothing. How about this while you're at it. Get yourself the Traces of an Imaginary Affair kit. It's one of the best ways to punk your spouse and get hit on the head with a shoe for free. Free, free, free, yep that's the theme of today.

Free advice. Good stuff, right? It's free at least:

Tricks for remembering people's names - This is really good advice, especially when you pick up the Imaginary Affair kit you'll have better odds of making it more convincing by remembering a name to use, instead of whatsherface.

Even better, if you want to have a poster of the imaginary woman you are having the Imaginary Affair with, but are short on the cash, then check out the free poster (well almost free $3 shipping), and you can say, 'check out whatshername'.

How about some free advice on running. This could be useful if your use of the Imaginary Affair kit backfires and you need a quick escape.

Okay, so now that you have all of this under your belt, it's time to blog about it, because simply you need great content to generate traffic, and that doesn't come for free, but in this case it almost did.

If you try hard almost anything can be free, except the content of this post, which quiet frankly is priceless.

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