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Duck and run for cover. Dance like a monkey. Do whatever it takes. Have I got something here or is it just the heat?

From the looks of things, it's going to be 98 degrees on my bike commute home today. Maybe instead of my water bottle I should pack a vanilla Frosty, otherwise I might start seeing mirages.

Speaking of seeing things, I figured I'd finally start a Friday entry called, Found Friday where I recap some of the items I find on the road during my bike commute. Now, keep in mind that I don't stop to pick up these items (well, maybe if something good pops up, but that rarely happens). So, without further ado, let's get to it:

Nails and screws- Yes plenty of nails and screws this week. Of course I usually don't find them until they've found my tire.
Broken sunglasses - I think I saw about three pairs of tangled, busted up sunglasses on the road this week.
Oregon license plate - I think it fell off around a railroad crossing.
Dead animals - This week has been minimal, but in the past I've seen dead skunks, cats, squirrels and birds. In the summer I play a little game where I see how many days it takes for the animal people to come around and scrape the dead beast off the road.
Wrench - I saw a wrench on the road this week. I was going uphill and didn't want to lose my momentum so I didn't stop to pick it up, but it might have been worthy.
One shoe - Another reason not to stick your feet out the window when you drive.

Well, that was exciting wasn't it? Let's hope next week is better. Drop those $20 bills people!

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Dave Goodman said:

After the snow melted and we could go on walks again, I found socks all over the place. In gutters, in the middle of the street, on fences, in the gullies. Once in a while, a shoe. How is it people lose so many socks in the winter?

Lorelei said:

that's funny.....and a mystery....why socks?
socks in gutters--that sounds like a band.

Ty said:

Didn't Mrs Monkey like her birthday cake?

monkeyinabox said:

Banana bread isn't cake, it's bread. Well, it's sort of a cake-like bread, but that's not the point. Yes, the cake was a hit, or atleast it was before it say around in the heat.

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