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Well, holly Boognish Batman, wEEn came to Bend and got too close to my fantasy, or something like that. It appears that Gene and Dean don't like to let the bread get stale, so they keep it fresh with a different set list for every show. Considering the amount of material they've recorded it's pretty impressive to be able to play most everything. Also impressive is the fact they played in an outdoor venue with restaurants close by with outdoor seating. I'm sure nobody batted an eye when they opened with She Wanted To Leave and maybe a few outdoor diners giggled when they got to Piss Up A Rope, but I'm sure a few parents at the Red Robin asked the workers to sing even louder when You F--ked Up was played. Well, in case you didn't stay around at Red Robin for the entire 3-hours wEEn played, maybe you missed the equally profane finale of The Blarney Stone, and if you did, here's your chance, grab the kids and gather round.

Add wEEn to the list of bands I'd never thought would play in Bend.

This week has sucked up a lot of time as well getting ready to put some art in the county fair. Yes, time for the creativity to flow like cold iced-tea on hot summer days. Speaking of art, I think I've found one of the most inspired artists ever: Peter Jones:

We all love monkeys, especially the younger, cheekier ones who are so much fun and always full of life. Deeply sensitive and very bright, they are always alert and interested in their surroundings even when they are thoroughly engaged in conversation and chatter. Monkeys know how to be funny and provocative, how to amuse and entertain with their sparkling wit and that famous monkey magic. They are honest, imaginative, motivated individuals, and can easily sympathize with other animals so even the most shy creatures open up to them.

And if that wasn't enough:

Sometimes monkeys can be unexpectedly emotionally reserved, and they can also be surprisingly calm in situations where most other animals would panic. However, even the sharpest monkey in the tree can sometimes take things a little too literally and then because they are so honest and serious they can become irritatingly law-abiding in a most un-monkey-like way. But even the most honest and law-abiding monkey can be mischievous and manipulative when pursuing a desire, and then they will delight in breaking the rules and bending the truth to gain what they want.

That's some serious deep insight on monkeys. So, when you look at the paintings know there's something going on much more than 'where are the bananas?'.

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shannon said:

wEEn was the best was an awesome show, esp in the VIP tent.

Jennifer said:

They were great, weren't they? Thanks for the video!!!!!!!!

slider said:

It was great. wEEn is like going to a rock concert in #$%(*@ HBO's Deadwood. Ahe Ahe Ahe Aheeee

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