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The End Is Not Yet Here


The Endless Monkey

I’m back. Back from the dead, back for more. But where did the monkey disappear? Was I in recovery from burns from my Dell laptop battery explosion?(Oh wait, fueled by fire...never mind) Nope. Was I run over by an SUV while biking? Nope. Was I attacked by Snakes on a Plane? Nope. Was I devastated by Monkey Woman getting the boot from the Who Wants To Be A Superhero show? Perhaps. Part of the hold out will be revealed tomorrow, but part of it will be revealed now.

Mrs. Monkey could tell something was up and the look in her eyes had the fear that I was going to push her into a career in the local roller derby circuit. Far from the truth, but the distant glaze and lack of focus was cause for concern and she wanted the monkey to withdraw, to back down and take a look at the stuff that really matters. Yep, no matter how much I write about the endless joys of roundabouts, Red Robin drink refills or Burger King, something was missing.

The love. Yep, without love it’s hard to keep going. There was a point a while back when we were watching a re-run of Golden Girls on TV and the book Monkey Love was mentioned. Quickly I ran over to the computer and searched on Amazon. Sure enough there was a book called Monkey Love, but it wasn’t the same book mentioned in the show (probably a made-up book for the show). I checked out the library’s website and they had the book, so I put it on hold and by the next day it was in my hot hands.

Yep, a book review (oh what has this site come to). Alright, not so fast, a book review that features a monkey. Sure, monkeys might cause trouble on subways and maybe they are just too darn mischievous for their own good at times, but that's how it goes. The book itself is centered around the character Holly and her wacky friends (yes, the term wacky applies here just fine). I'd say the book is somewhat like the show Seinfeld, about nothing, but it's a good read. Nothing that hurts your head, like listening to a Presidential State of the Union these days or checking out websites like these.

The book features zany happenings, a monkey who shows displeasure in a way that makes me question the thought of ever wanting a pet monkey, odd relationships and the love that keeps it all together. Well, not a great description, but the point is you've got to have something keeping it all together and it might as well be love.

We can do no great things, only small things with great love. Mother Teressa

So, that's what it all comes down to. Realizing that you can't do it all at once, but piece by piece, and do it with love. So, Mrs. Monkey, I hope that you will be able to see all of the little pieces fall into place. It's a great big puzzle with many pieces, but the monkey is endless and don't look for the end, since it's not here yet.

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