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Gone Upgradin'


Up Grade Adventures

Saturday night upgrading, yeah! Actually it doesn't matter what night of the week it is, but upgrades are good ol' fun.

Tonight, while watching the British comedies on OPB, I decided to upgrade my Movable Type version up to 3.3 from an older version running MT-Blacklist. Yes, was everything working fine? Yep. Was spam becoming irritating again? Hell yeah. Since January of 2005 I got around 30,000 spam comments. MT-blacklist got about half of them and the rest I had to hit the delete key. Over the last few weeks it was getting bad and I decided, enough was enough.

So, that's how it goes with things. More viruses? Upgrade your virus software. More spyware? Update your anti-spyware software. More comment spam? Upgrade your blog software. Do you see where I'm going here? It's not like the problem is being fixed, rather the band aid is bigger and better.

What if this applied to other things? Hmmmmmmm. Aren't getting good enough gas mileage in your car? Upgrade to frictionless tires. Don't like your TV reception? Upgrade your chair into your neighbor’s house with HD-TV. Don't like your spouses bad habits? Upgrade to your bad attitude! What did you think I was going to say?

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Jake said:

MT Blacklist hasn't been updated in, like, forever. I'm running MT 3.31 with the SpamLookup Plugin which comes with 3.3, MT Autoban (, and MT-Akismet ( and I'd say 99% of the spam I get gets blocked or sent to my junk folder. But make sure you TOTALLY get rid of MT Blacklist from your system, as it'll probably cause problems when you upgrade. I'm up to well over 60,000 comment spam, but it doesn't hamper my server like it used to, that's fer sher.

Unfortunately, it's a problem that'll never go away, but you can at least make it so it doesn't bulldoze your site.

monkeyinabox said:

Yep, I tossed MT Blacklist before I upgraded.

Thanks for the extra plugins. Of course before I added those, your coment was tagged as spam and some real spam got through. Geez.

Jake said:'s never perfect, is it? That is unless you enable authentication, which I'm avoiding, too.

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