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Best Of Bend 2006 Part Deux, Or 20 Questions, Or Vote Early And Vote Often


Best of Bend

Ever since The Source Weekly printed their Best of Bend 2006 lists I've been thinking there were some glaring omissions. Rather than sit back and ignore the issue, I thought it was time to re-open the polls and let the real people vote on the Real Best of Bend 2006. You can call it Part Deux, 20 Questions or Vote Early And Vote Often.

So, spread the word, tell your friends and family to vote, because if you don't vote you can't bitch about the results and remember there are no wrong answers (except on the last question). So, thanks for stopping by and do your American duty.

[UPDATE: I will leave the survey up through Monday September 11th]

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Jake said:

Great idea, man. Though I have a feeling I already know who's going to win the last category ;-).

Slider said:

Very cool!

Jesse Thompson said:

Seriously though, where's the tally? ;)

monkeyinabox said:

The results will be released on Monday September 11th. Yep, suspense.

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