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Windows Vista: Which Edition Are You Or What's Your Sign?


I'm Windows Vista Bitch

Well, not to be one left out of the fun, I jumped on the Microsoft Vista RC-1 like, well, myself on a bag of Del Taco tacos, and dived right into to it's sexy, not in a skanky Paris Hilton way, sexiness. Yes, some juicy beta software from Microsoft. All the key ingredients to making your life a living nightmare (usually), but I had an opportune moment to try out the freshly squeezed operating system on a laptop with a mucked up XP system. Yes, kids, don't try this on your everyday, business, must get stuff done system, just in case it messes up.

The download from Microsoft (which appears to be no longer available to mere mortals) went pretty fast considering it was a 2.5 GB file and I'm sure all the tech geeks were busy downloading this juicy morsel, which they already probably had from a leaked Beta tester copy.

The interesting part of the installer is it asks what version of Windows Vista you want to install (or more of what version DID YOU BUY). Well, being the beta version, I bought no version, but was presented with five choices to pick from. Yes, you heard me right, five choices. Since there was no Windows Vista Rick James Superfreak version, I settled for Windows Vista Ultimate (like I was gong to pick Windows Vista Weenie Hut Jr. Edition or something).

After the installer does it's magic, you start to see the sexy goodness known as Loooooooooonghorn's better looking, but less powerful cousin Vista. Now, before I get any further, if you came here for a real review (what were you thinking?) maybe you should read Paul Thurrott's review instead. It's much better, but then again, he's a real beta tester and I'm just, well I'm just someone who will give the thumbs up or down for this on our office workstation computers. Ha, so take that.

Since I didn't have much time to really mess around with the new Windows Vista system, I quickly checked the important things. Yes, Solitaire, the calculator and the new clock. Yes, the default install has an old school (cough cough rip off) clock in the upper right corner and the standard Windows clock in the lower right. It's the obsessive compulsive Windows version for the rest of us. The Windows Performance Rating is interesting and seems odd that you can see this after you've installed Vista on your computer. Hey, look, it runs like crap. Well, actually it gave our T2400 Core Duo laptop, with 1 Gig of Ram a pretty good score. The video card (a not too shabby ATI X1400 256MB) the lowest score at 4.0, so I think our workstations could easily handle Vista as well, since the laptop was not quite as powerful.

Overall the eye-candy is plentiful, so keep your toothbrush close at hand. If you go into the display preferences, you can set it back to Windows classic and feel like you are almost running Windows 2000, which is what I like to do on XP already. Overall the icons and look seems to rip off Mac OS X a lot. Hell, the My Computer icon even looks slightly like an iMac. I guess standard PCs look pretty lame anyway, so why not rip off all the cool features and designs Apple puts out? Yep, imitation is flattery. Flatter me this and flatter me that, Windows Vista is all that and a bag of Cheetos.

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