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Wonder Wheel Legs Of Power Don't Fail Me Now


Wonder Wheels Power Activate!

August was a great bike commute month for myself. I had one vacation day during August (in which I wasn’t at work), but on the other 22 days of work, I rode every single day. Towards the beginning of the month I hit my first 45 days of biking to work for the Commute Options program and received my gift certificate to Deschutes Brewery. Yes, I love to bike, but that is my biking for beer plan. Not a bad deal, since I would be riding anyway in the warmer weather. When it starts to get a little cooler, maybe the program pushes me a little more.

This month is the annual Bike Commute Challenge, so I'm ready for another month of daily riding. Of course last year I pushed it and rode until the end of October to earn my second 45-day certificate, so a repeat of that is very likely unless it snows. Yes, snow is about the only thing that keeps me off the bike. And no, I'm not interested in studded bike tires. So, keep the snow away until December and Wonder Wheel Legs Of Power, don't fail me now!

Remember during this long 3-day weekend, don't forget to vote in The Real Best of Bend 2006

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