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snap out of it

I realized in yesterdays entry we left Jim alone in his room crying and writing a damn fine blog entry, but that's no way to end the story, so with a day to kill before the The Real Best of Bend 2006 results are revealed, it's time to continue the story:

Bob decides to help Jim get over his break up with Nancy (Yes, that Nancy).

Bob tells Jim, "Let me help you get over Nancy, okay? Here we go. Find something that isn't reminding you of Nancy, especially that annoying habbit of humming the tune to Green Acres."

Jim looks around the room for a little while. "That mirror doesn't remind me of Nancy. It reminds me of myself, and damn, I'm not looking too shabby, Hi there hot fella!".

Bob says, "Okay, hot fella" repeating the instruction: "Find something that isn't reminding you of Nancy."

"But I already...err.. okay. The drapes that I sewed myself."

Bob says "Okay drape sewing master" and repeats the command: "Find something that isn't reminding you of Nancy."

"Bob you are sounding like a broken record, but okay, the couch. Oh, Nancy sat there. I sure miss her. Okay, that box of Cheerios. No, one time she sat on the couch and ate a whole box of Cheerios while we watched Moonstruck. Uhhhh... That ball of lint under the couch cushion."

Once again Bob barks, "All right. Find something that isn't reminding you of Nancy you slob."

"That plant. . . . oh wait it's poison ivy and makes me itch and Nancy once made me itch. Uhhhh... That chainsaw over there."

After Bob repeated this question a few dozen times, Jim's eyes become bright and he smiles (a little psycho like, but smiles nevertheless. "Nancy who? To heck with that. I feel better! Let's get something to eat. I'll grab the chainsaw."

While it took a few hours, Jim was close to snapping out of it. Well, either that, or plain snapping. Only the people at the Denny's will know for sure.

Oh, shoot, I did it again. Another unfinished episode. Oh well, it keeps you coming back for more, doesn't it?

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