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No More Shoes, No More News, No More Blues


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Well, I did it. I changed my shoes. Yes, my biking shoes, the ones I used for biking after they were a little too worn for everyday wearing. I never meant for them to become my biking shoes for so long, but I used them (not very often at first) 15 years ago. Over the last few years as my biking increased, my shoes were looking pretty sad. They fit well in my pedal cages, so that's the main reason I stuck with them. They were pushed to the point of insanity, as far as wear-ability went. For biking they were okay, but for walking around the soles were so worn that I feared a hole would soon appear.

Pretty bad, eh? A month ago, I made the big leap of faith. I went online and ordered shoes. The deal was amazing, and more amazing was the fact that had a size that fit. That was usually the hardest part. I had not been procrastinating buying bike shoes just because it was fun. Try finding bike shoes in size 52. Yeah, that's metric and it translates to 'damn big shoes'. So the day I found them, it was like a sign from up above. Could I try them on before I bought them? Nope. No trying on before I bought them. I placed the order, crossed my fingers and when they arrived, I knew my leap of faith paid off.

New shoes. Ahhhhhhh. After a month or so of using them, they have been great. I can even upgrade to clipless pedals if I dare. In the world of cycling going from platform pedals (the standard ones) to clipless is life changing. So, yes, you change your shoes, you change your life.

The old shoes are still under my desk. I feel like I just can't throw them out. It's like they deserve a funeral or to be buried in the backyard next to the pet hamsters, mice and rats. You don't just throw something out like that. The trash can is not worthy.

So, no more old shoes.

News, yes, there's plenty of news. I changed my bike route recently. The new route was very different and the first ride was much slower than I usually ride. There's a bit of the unknown. I was also more winded on this ride, even though it was shorter. I think it's partly due to the fact I knew my old route so well that I knew when I had to push hard and when I could ease off. Maybe I was fooling myself a bit in my riding ability. Change things up a bit and you come back down to reality of how maybe things weren't as good as they seemed.

I changed things up a bit more today, and I'm seeing that I can't expect everything to fall into place with ease and grace. It will happen, but it takes time. As the Fall season approaches as well the ease of riding wears off as well, it gets colder and you have to be strong and force yourself to do it, and take it one day at a time.

Yep, you change your shoes and change your route. That's the theme lately, change. Plenty of change now and plenty more on the way. But all in good time.

So, no more news.

At this point I could talk about the blues. There's so much that simply drags you down. As strong as you want to be, being out of breath on a shorter ride doesn't do much for encouragement. Of course, I know that the changes on this new route are going to be worth it. So, I can easily say that soon I will be finally saying no more blues.

Oh, by the way, maybe I wasn't talking about bike riding all along.

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Karla said:

Geez, you had me fooled. ;)

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