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The Hold Steady's lead vocalist Craig Finn sang about it:

woke up in the 20s. there were flappers and fruits in white suits. it was right before the crash. we got thrashed throughout the 30s. queuing up for soup in scabby sores. and they sent us off to war. we came back in the 40s. there were wheelchairs, guns and tickertape. we poured it on the floor and made love to the interstates. we got shiftless in the 50s. holding hands and going steady. twisting into dark parts of big midwestern cities. tripped right through the 60s with some blissful little hippie. some kennedys got shot while you were screwing san francisco. the 70s got heavy we woke up on bloody carpets. got tangled up in gaslines. i guess that's where it started. the 80s almost killed me let's not recall them quite so fondly. some kennedy o.d. while we watched on mtv. in the 90s we were wired and well connected. put it all down on technology and lost everything we invested.

Well, not that I get to be the same sort of drama queen, i'll mirror the line that follows:

we got to start it off with a positive jam.

It's not always easy when you wonder how you broke the spokes on your back wheel or how you managed to pull the ear off of that stuffed animal. How did it manage to last 3 hours? How come every thing you write seems cliche'd and passe' yet relevant at the same time?

Yep, beating around the bush and trying to make it sound a little less dirty, but the d-word strikes and all of the dirtiness follows behind no matter how much you want it to not be that way. It's going to hurt, it's going to be ugly, it's not going to be easy, it's not going to be convenient.

Maybe I can blame it on the 80's, or bring it back to current times and notorious lightning. Oh, notorious lightning, yes I had to ride you. But while realizing it wasn't so fondly remembered, it doesn't mean that it was all a lie. It doesn't make it easier to pretend like it was, or it should have been. You want it: amnesty from the true thing. Now, slowly remove the ring and watch notorious lightning surround you.

You take this. No you don't. Give me space. And it never comes off like you planned it. Something once was delivered, then you banned it. But oh, there is a key to this thing, notorious lightning and those Goddamn 80's that you want to remember so fondly.

Maybe the fall TV schedule just looked boring, but that's how it goes. It's time to shrug off the beast and take a look at what you've done. The half-breed jury agrees you're okay, but what they never seem to say is that it's never the defense's witness. And yes maybe I'm mixing song lyrics into the writing, because what else am I supposed to say?

Someone's got to fall, before someone goes free.

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