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Only In America Part 5


Only In America Part 5

Continuing the series.... Yes, it's more of stuff you can get only in America.

Well, tonight was no exception to one of those truly American experiences: the all-you-can-eat buffet at Izzy's. Yes, one of those places where you get to eat and eat and eat until you explodes That's the idea, at least for most people, but tonight I decided to step back and take a look into the fascinating aspects and observations for the all-you-can-eat buffet.

Now, Izzy's has been in the all-you-can-eat buffet game for quite some time. They used to be more of a "sit down and order a pizza restaurant" years and years ago, but I think they figured out the buffet game. Now, being someone who can eat a lot when I am hungry, I feel like I would make Izzy of Izzy's Pizza shake in here boots at the site of a really tall guy. Of course looking around tonight, I realized that I am no longer the most feared customer.

These days I run into quite a few people who, while they are not as tall as me, they are much, much, much bigger than me. There were a couple of guys who easily out weighed me by a hundred pounds. Now, I consider myself to be close to the correct weight for my height, these other guys were not.

Now, in the past I used to have the mentality of trying to see how much I could eat. Yeah, one of those only in America things, with the exception of Sumo wrestlers. Could I eat a whole pizza from the buffet, plus 5 pieces of fried chicken? I actually had much more fun with this game back in college, while hitting the buffet at KFC. Let's just say I got my money's worth.

Tonight the oddest thing I witnessed was this very slender woman, who was pretty short too. Not that she was anything to really pay attention to, except that I got behind her in the salad bar line. Actually she was standing there, while I went down and got some pizza and other assorted hot goodies. Then I went back for a plate of salad. She hadn't moved. I started putting on lettuce, thinking, "What is taking so long?". I decided to actually pass her in the salad bar, and then noticed she had been piling green peas onto her plate, one by one, forming a huge mound. It was almost like a tribute to Mount Saint Helens. It was that impressive.

I went along with my buffet minding my own business. I actually backed off when I felt full. Yep, no eating until I felt like it was Thanksgiving already, passing out on the floor. Well, not that I usually do that, but you get the point. That brings me back to the KFC story, where I would almost do that and then go back to school to the design studio and try to get something done. Yes, just how productive are you after eating Thanksgiving dinner? Well, tonight I kept it in check and left with the ability to walk with ease. I did notice the same lady near the BBQ ribs on a second return. I didn't pay attention and moved by quickly, thinking that maybe she was forming a sculpture of George W Bush out of baby back ribs. You never know at these all-you-can-eat buffets.

One of the servers did mention that as I was about to start my cinnamon roll, that she'd be back to check on me, obviously thinking that I might OD on the sugar contained in those famous goodies know as Izzy's Cinnamon Rolls. The fact that I wrote this should confirm that I did survive and lived to tell my tale of the all-you-can-eat buffet and what you find at them. Yes, lot's of pizza, chicken, ribs, mashed potatoes and gravy, fish, pasta, and even more. Take my advice and invest in George Foreman's stretchy pants. This is America after all.

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strauss said:

Unfortunately or fortunately, depending on your perspective, Australia has their fair share of the all-you-can-eat buffet. My husband has been known to oever do it at one place called Sizzlers, which no longer exists. But being "Sizzlered" became a term used in our house for becoming over-stuffed, which is what happened to Ashley EVERY time he dared venture into the beloved Sizzlers.
After a food poisoning outbreak from Sizzlers the whole gorge yourself silly buffet concept has lost its shine, but enough establishments continue to offer the buffet.
I liked your observations of people - those places always bring out the best. Ha Ha Ha.

Lauraine said:

I think the lady with the mountain of peas would have been suffecient to squelch my appetite. I don't like buffets anyway, always suffered from small appetite.

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