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So, John Waters Was In Bend


Filthy Trashy Bend

If there ever was something I didn't expect in Bend, it might be John Waters visiting and speaking in front of an audience. Now, maybe I made a mistake in not attending his performance for the BendFilm festival, and I hope someone tells about it.

Now, if you are not aware of who John Waters is, read his bio. Yes, the Pope of Trash or Prince of Puke was in town. Yes, he is all about independent film, but he is also about some of the weirder aspects of that, at best.

My real first John Waters experience was watching Pink Flamingos which is one of those movies you will watch and never forget. Not always a good thing, mind you. Now to set this up, this was back in 1995 when I saw this. In the design studio at UofO, we had quite an interesting bunch of us students in there. One of the older students, known as Zach, which wasn't even his real name, was by the most interesting. After at the first term had passed, we had a group of five of us that were regular players of networked first-person shooter computer games. We were close and there’s something about trying to kill each other in a game that builds friendships. Between the violence and other oddities in studio, Zach told of us this movie called Pink Flamingos, which at the time was pretty hard to find, that he had in his possession. This was before the re-release and certainly before the days of being able to find stuff on the internet easily.

Now Zach was the same guy who later suggested we all go out and shoot some guns he owned out in the country, which in retrospect doesn't sound like such a good idea. You know, five guys in their early 20's (well minus Zach) loading up into a car (mine) and driving out into the country (which was really nothing more that driving about 25 miles outside of Eugene) with an assortment of weapons including a potato gun. Yes, good times and since I’ve ruled out a political career I felt it was safe to tell this much at least.

So, back to the movie. Yes, Pink Flamingos was simply one of the weirdest things I had seen at that point in my life. As the theme becomes clear, that this group of weirdoes trying to become "The Filthiest People Alive" you know that you are in store for some never seen before, or stuff you wish you had never seen after. All I can say is I've never been able to hear the song "how much is that doggie in the window" in the same light. Yes, scared for life.

So, John Waters in Bend. Something didn't make sense, but has anything with Waters ever made sense? Nope. So, Bend is a little more trashy, and a little more filthy. Good.

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