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Yes Virginia, It's Not Summer Anymore


crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy

With all of its frosty goodness this morning, it still didn't stop me from climbing onto my bicycle and cranking the pedals to make it to work. Sure, the cold weather gear is in full force and my meager lighting system is in use, but since there's no sign of icicles on my nose, it's still riding season.

Do I do this out of insanity, or out of dedication, or is that $20 gift certificate that's oh so close, pushing me? Well, maybe it's all of the above. Not that I'm really insane, or anything, but you have to be a little crazy about riding to do it when the weather and the birds go south for the Winter. You have to be a little dedicated to look outside and see clouds, a slight drizzle and frost on your cars windshield and still get ready to ride as if it's just another day. You have to like the idea that not only are you not using gasoline, but also you are getting exercise and working towards a somewhat meager prize.

Oh, the wonderful feeling of riding in a slightly drenched pavement and having a fine layer of grit on your backside. Of course that's nothing compared to the truly insane who bike in the snow, or when there's five inches of slush on the road and they are not only dodging the cars, the puddles and the huge splashes of icy slushy nastiness. That's for the truly insane, or those without a car. So, as the month of November rolls in, I'll be shutting it down. My lights just don't cut it for pure night riding, and if I've met my riding goal I won't mind so much.

So, for another week or so, I'm going all out. I'm going to laugh at the frost, ride in the rain and pedal, pedal, pedal as wheels meet road and the miles keep on adding up.

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strauss said:

$20 gift voucher?...Prize?

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