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Sunflowers And Sofa Beds



At one point or another, anyone who grows up fast, is going to be called or have the term used, "growing like a weed". And yes, as someone who was always taller than most, I was known as the weed. Well, maybe a better term would have been a sunflower. Sure, weeds pop up and grow fast, but a sunflower is always taller than weeds. Don't you think?

At this years county fair there were two sunflower plants that were entered that were at least ten-feet tall. They were huge, like none I had ever seen before. That might best describe myself to some people, especially by the looks I can get by little kids sometimes. "Look at that guy," I'll hear at stores on many occasions. It's not like I have two heads, or three arms, so I don't mind the fact that I'm tall and not some sideshow freak.

Now, consider the fact that when you are taller than most people, you also don't fit into what is considered the norm. That's apparent when I go to a clothing store, a show store, try to fit into a car, or even a bed. I have a feeling that NBA players, especially Shaq, must have everything custom made. If I barely fit into a California King sized bed, what does a seven-footer do?

I was reminded of this last fall when we had a Girl Scout trip into Washington to check out some of the Lewis & Clark festivities. The house we stayed at had various beds, and such, and since I was the only guy, I had the renovated garage all to myself. The term renovated should be used very sparingly, since things like heating and insulation were severely lacking. The bed choices I had were a sofa bed and a cot. I thought the sofa bed would work, but nope. Too short. This sunflower had no way of fitting on the sofa bed. The cot was long enough and I don't even think my feet had to hang over the edge. Yes, if you've never experienced your feet hanging over the end of the bed, try it, it's quite nice.

So, if you thought that the title of this post could not be stranger, now you probably get it. Sunflowers don't fit in sofa beds and I'm not saying that weeds to either, so take that for what it's worth.

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strauss said:

I see a little birdy told you.....I dared her.
There is nothing wrong with the old sunflower though - who doesn't like the sunflower?

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